Baby three and rising Blood presser. I had preeclampsia with my second.

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Re: Baby three and rising Blood presser. I had preeclampsia with my second.

Postby alviarin » Fri Jul 15, 2016 09:50 pm

Sorry to hear your blood pressure is acting up, and you are not feeling well.

During my second pregnancy, my BP started rising around 20 weeks. My OB at the time thought I was just a "worry wart", since pre-e is more common with first pregnancies. Though she did let me come in for a BP check/urine dip between appointments when I felt the need (since I only had to see the medical assistant for that). I'm not even sure she believed me when I told her I was starting to get some high readings at home (140/90 +, either number) in the evenings, since my BP was in-range at my morning OB appointments.

However based on my high BP readings and history of preeclampsia I asked for a referral to a MFM doc (maternal fetal medicine) specializing in high risk pregnancies. The MFM took my concerns more seriously, and told me my high pressure readings meant I was headed for chronic hypertension at some point, or preeclampsia again (or both!) She also laid out a more frequent monitoring/appointment schedule that my OB then followed.

So besides switching docs, you could also invest in a home BP monitor if you haven't already. Even if not technically high our experts have said any significant elevation (30/15) over normal baseline BP warrants closer monitoring. You could also ask your healthcare provider about getting a 24 hour urine done as a baseline to compare to later (if your symptoms ramp up).

Hang in there, and remember we aren't paranoid, we are vigilant! ;)
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Baby three and rising Blood presser. I had preeclampsia with my second.

Postby julia.schull » Wed Jul 13, 2016 05:29 pm

Hi there. My first kid I was fine. With my second I had preeclampsia. My blood presser is low like 96 most of the time by the time. So by the time my doctor saw me I was, and had Preeclampsia I was .. 150? and having kidney failure and bad head/ vision problems. Was retaining water like crazy and everything. Baby was born 24 hours after my 32week doctors appointment. I didn't even go home just straight to hospital.
Every doctor wanted to know is there a different Father. Asking me all the time with and with out my husband there. YES he is the same father! Really I live a very quite life. They tell me that 2nd babies never give us preeclampsia. But there I was.

Anyway, here I am expecting again and at 15 weeks my blood presser is on the rise and i am retaining water and having both vision and head problems. AND again, the doctors don't take me seriously. Woman don't get Preeclampsia with 3 babies. I am now at 116 from 98. Not too bad, yet. BUT IT FEELS THE SAME! I just want to be believed. If I keep getting worst, at some point I will be taken seriously.

IS there anyone out there with 2nd or 3rd baby preeclampsia??? What did you do when you knew and the docs think your crazy??

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