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Re: Statistics data

Postby laney_p » Mon Oct 22, 640536 12:38 pm

So in general, preeclampsia tends to be less severe in subsequent pregnancies, likely because the protocol is to deliver the mom at 37 weeks if she even shows the slightest sign of high blood pressure, alongside of being monitored more closely. A smaller percentage of women, for reasons that are unclear but may be related to underlying clotting or autoimmune issues with pregnancy, get it more severely each times. There is no one answer on numbers of women, because different studies look at different subsects of the preeclampsia/HELLP syndrome population, which can shift the numbers.

Research suggests the risk of having preeclampsia again is approximately 20% (so about 1 in 5 chance), however experts cite a range from 5-80% depending on when you had it in a prior pregnancy and how severe it was. The earlier you had it and the more severe it affected you, the more likely you are to get it again. Those who have it near-term tend to have less recurrence.

Know that it sucks not to have a more definite answer, but at the same time, hopefully it is comforting to know that many women do not end up developing preeclampsia again!
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Statistics data

Postby MOOW » Fri May 11, 640536 10:08 pm

Hello ,
Do you know what statistisc are in terms of severity of preeclampsia in second pregnancy?
I mean is it for egsample that 50 % ,60% ,70% etc.. of women who get it again develops it less severe (or more or less)? How many woman develops it more severe than in first pregnancy?

Thank you!

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