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Re: Labile blood pressure

Posted: Tue Aug 11, 640533 12:30 pm
by UKGirl
Thank you, I really appreciate your time and feedback xxx

Re: Labile blood pressure

Posted: Sun Aug 09, 640533 1:35 am
by sam10
Higher BP in early pregnancy does not necessarily mean you will develop preeclampsia again, but you might. It does put you in a higher risk category if you will. Unfortunately, there is no clear answer. The most important thing is to keep a close eye on all the signs and symptoms, and communicate any changes to your care providers. Be sure that you are comfortable with the care you receive. It helps to put your mind at ease! It might be helpful to discuss your care and heightened risk with your doctor and ask what his game plan is.

Stress does not make your BP go up like preeclampsia does. Stress can increase your BP temporarily. You'd see in an elevated systolic number rather than the diastolic one, but it does not influence whether you will develop preeclampsia or not.

And please feel free to stop by here and let us know how it goes. We are here and try to answer all your questions.

Here is the list of signs and symptoms: ... n-symptoms

Re: Labile blood pressure

Posted: Tue Jul 28, 640533 11:52 pm
by UKGirl
Thanks Sam10, for both the reply and the welcome. I'll definitely look for a BP cuff as that's a good idea, and then they can perhaps see a pattern as it's definitely up and down at the moment. I'm on baby aspirin too so hoping that helps. Does the labile BP / chronic hypertensive tag suggest I'm on the way to pre eclampsia again? I always had a gut feeling that it wouldn't occur again but now I'm thinking my gut feeling was wrong! Also, am I right in thinking that the diastolic number isn't affected by stress? My job is immensely stressful so I'm wondering if there's anything I can do to prevent the events of last time happening again. It was very scary, as I'm sure you all know, and the magnesium sulphate did not suit me at all, it made me feel I was going to die :-(

Thanks again, it's worrying me more than I care to admit and I appreciate your time.

UKGirl xx

Re: Labile blood pressure

Posted: Tue Jul 28, 640533 5:12 pm
by sam10
Hello and welcome to the forums! It could be that your BP is trending upwards, which this early into your pregnancy is usually referred to as "chronic hypertensive".

I probably would invest in getting a home BP machine with an upper arm cuff and monitor. You'd want to take your BP a few times a day, always at the same time and keep track of your readings (there are apps that are great to track BP, as you can send a summary to your doc; or you do it the old-fashioned way and use pen and paper). This will give you a better overview of your BP and any significant changes. If your BP is consistently high, I would think you'd be put on BP medication.
All this being said, definitely talk to your doctor about the course of action with your PE history and current BP spikes and GD!

Low-dose aspirin is very often prescribed to women with a history of PE. Here is a link with the latest recommendation: ... -providers

Let us know how it goes! And congrats on your pregnancy!

Labile blood pressure

Posted: Sat Jul 18, 640533 10:23 am
by UKGirl
Hi all,

I wonder if I can ask for some advice. I suffered from severe pre eclampsia in 2012 with my son at 36 weeks. BP had risen on one occasion prior to that at about 34 weeks but other than that was fine throughout.. I had been diagnosed with gestational diabetes after the GTT was taken simply because my brother is type 2 diabetic.

Anyway, fast forward to today and I am 16 weeks pregnant. At booking in with the midwife (I'm from the UK) she said I needed to book in at the hospital and took only my BP, which was fine (120/70 ish). At the booking in at hospital at 11 weeks and 6 days my BP was 142/95 and they immediately issued baby aspirin for the pre eclampsia risk. I had my twelve weeks scan three days later and BP was fine again. Since then I went in as they needed to diagnose gestational diabetes from my elevated blood levels as had been testing. BP also fine. Anyway, on Sunday I found I had a sore neck which elevated pain to my face, eye and head. All on the right. I saw the Dr (gp not hospital) and he prescribed some pain killers and tested BP. 131/98 and then three mins later 131/93. He asked me to return Tuesday for blood tests and BP /urine check. I did, BP 130/92 and the nurse says she thought there may be a grace of protein. I went back yesterday and all bloods (liver, kidney etc) are fine. My urine was tested by GP and midwife and that was fine and BP was back down to 125/80. the midwife said that it looks like my BP may be labile.

Do I need to worry about this erratic BP? I'm back at the hospital next Thursday so will ask them but just wondering if I need to worry (although I'll obviously try nor to cause that won't help) that this is a pre pre eclampsia sign? I figure those with most experience will know the most :-D I'm sixteen weeks on Saturday.

Thanks all,