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Re: Liver Enzymes still high postpartum...?

Posted: Mon Aug 03, 2015 01:35 am
by rosesinapril
I am 3mo pp and I got my labs done this past Fri and my liver enzymes are all within NORMAL range! Praise God! We're praying they stay that way! ^_^

Re: Liver Enzymes still high postpartum...?

Posted: Wed Jun 10, 2015 05:17 pm
by laney_p
Hey RoseinApril,

So sorry to hear about your lingering difficulties post-preeclampsia. It can be really frustrating to continue feeling bad and not know what's going on. Have the doctors run any additional tests to look for underlying liver issues? That being said, many women can take weeks or months to return to normal levels as the body flushes out all remnants of having been pregnant. I've heard of women who have continued to experience up to 3-4 months postpartum. So just keep following up with your doc.

And check back in with us so we know how you are doing!

Re: Liver Enzymes still high postpartum...?

Posted: Sun Jun 07, 2015 00:04 am
by rosesinapril
I did have them checked again at my 6wks pp and they went up instead of down. At the hospital they were in the 180s and when I was discharged they were between 120-140 and a week later they were 70...then I got my blood drawn every week since then and every week they would go up and up by 10 points, right now my alt is 110 and my ast is 73. To most doctors (except my midwife and OB) they see those numbers and they're not worried, but my OB told me that a healing liver trends down, not up. So now I'm being sent to GI, per my midwife since my regular doctor thinks it's unnecessary for him to send me to a GI.

I stopped taking all supplements weeks ago, I haven't had Tylenol in years, or taken any pain killers (not in the hospital pp or since).

I'm just not too sure if this is a common trend for the liver after pp pre-e. I know I've seen posts where some ladies on here mention their BPs take a while, as well as their kidney functions, but there's less mentioned on liver functions. It's a waiting game right now. I was talking to my midwife earlier this week and she said I was her first patient in her entire career with pre-e postpartum and it was a riddle since pre-e is cured after the placenta is delivered...but for me her and my OB had to just watch and see what my body was going to do.

Re: Liver Enzymes still high postpartum...?

Posted: Fri Jun 05, 2015 01:19 am
by wsara

Being a new mom is hard enough on its own, let alone having your own health concerns as you try to care for your new baby! We understand :)
Do you know how high they were in the hospital? And how often have they been checked postpartum? Generally once they start trending downward they'll keep going down but I do recall a visit I made to the ER where they were suddenly a bit (not dramatically) higher and they were perplexed - I believe I ended up having an abdominal ultrasound which was normal.

Are you on any medications that could impact liver enzymes? Tylenol is one, if used in high enough doses. I imagine they'll recheck you at your 6-week check if they've been watching it closely so far? Good luck!!

Liver Enzymes still high postpartum...?

Posted: Tue Jun 02, 2015 10:34 pm
by rosesinapril
Hello, I had postpartum preeclampsia in April (4/22) and was discharged after 3 days in hospital. My blood pressure is relatively normal, it goes up and down, stays normal, but if I'm stressed it does spike. The question I have is if any of you ladies experienced your liver enzymes still elevated postpartum? I'll be 6wks postpartum tomorrow and my ALT and AST is still high, right after I was discharged they were going down, but these past few blood tests have shown them trending up and not down. Has anyone else had their enzymes go up and down for a while? I've just been so stressed about this because I just want to make a full recovery and enjoy motherhood. She's my first baby and this has been somewhat traumatic and very worrisome. Thanks!