MFM appointment today

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Re: MFM appointment today

Postby caryn » Mon Mar 12, 640508 6:48 am

This syndrome tends to terrify a lot of people, including OBs, when contemplating later pregnancies. MFMs are the way to go; they see so many more rough pregnancies than OBs that they're more likely to be comfortable explaining risks, benefits, and odds.

Updates when you're able. :)
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Re: MFM appointment today

Postby jenh » Tue Feb 07, 640508 3:24 am

I understand. My husband had a vasectomy after our twins were born, then had it reversed a year ago. We're now on our 9th month TTC. The surgery was "successful" in that it returned flow, but quality wasn't as good as we'd like. Now we're trying to decide how far to go in attempting ARM. Fingers crossed for a positive test this weekend so we don't have to.
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MFM appointment today

Postby beth0277 » Mon Feb 06, 640508 2:10 pm

I was quite active on here for a while a little less than 5 years ago when my son was born. I developed postpartum preeclampsia which caused heart failure. This group really helped me to recover from the emotional effects of everything. Today I meet with an MFM specialist to discuss the risks involved with me getting pregnant again. It's been a long road but I'm ready to explore my options. I asked my husband to get a vasectomy, in haste, after my son was born because I was so sure that I would never want to risk a pregnancy again. So even if I get good news today, it is just the beginning of a journey of a lot of thinking, praying, and maybe eventually a vasectomy reversal. I wanted to post because I know a lot of you have probably been down this same road. I'm scared but ready to know what the doctors think.

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