Abnormal Case of Pre-e? No symptoms.

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Re: Abnormal Case of Pre-e? No symptoms.

Postby Betheney » Tue May 06, 640194 3:29 am

I had pregnancy induced hypertension (not PE) at 29 weeks and had zero symptoms. I then was diagnosed with PE at 32weeks because of protein in my urine and the continuation of high BP and still not symptoms for the next 1.5weeks I had my meds doubled then tripled then maxed out so was out in new meds which were also doubled until that dose was maxed out until they finally said "there's no controlling your BP we're inducing you" which was at 33+3 and this entire time I had no symptoms. I did get headaches almost permanently 24/7 but they were mild and panadol put them right if I felt the need otherwise I didn't notice the headache it was so mild.

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Re: Abnormal Case of Pre-e? No symptoms.

Postby tree » Mon Dec 18, 639899 4:25 am

Hello and welcome! It sounds like all you and your doctors can do is "watchful waiting", which is pretty stressful. We have had posters with similar symptoms continue to get sicker very slowly, and some get sick very quickly. I don't think it is possible to predict what will happen. You may be able to tolerate higher blood pressures without symptoms than someone with lower blood pressure outside of pregnancy. That could by why you feel ok. It still probably means superimposed preeclampsia, but you might get lucky and hang in there for a while. All you can do is monitor your BP and call the doctor if something changes, especially if you get a terrible headache, upper abdominal pain, visual changes or any of the other standard symptoms.
Good luck! I hope you can stay pregnant and feeling ok for a while.
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Abnormal Case of Pre-e? No symptoms.

Postby Elise311 » Mon Dec 18, 639899 2:04 am

I was finally 'diagnosed' with superimposed pre-ecclampsia at 30 weeks. I had moderate hypertension (138/85) before becoming pregnant and started showing protein at 19 weeks. My provider said it is very unlikely that I had pre-e because it wouldn't start to show up that early. My BP has been about the same, if not better, during pregnancy -- rarely elevated above 135/80. I did two 24 hour urine collections, one around 21 weeks with 500 mg, and one at around 27 weeks with 1600 mg of protein.
I was then transferred into high risk and saw a kidney specialist as well, who tested for every kidney condition he could test for without doing a biopsy. I also know that I did not have protein in urine prior to pregnancy.
The conclusion is that the protein is due to pregnancy, and my OB is calling this superimposed pre-ecclampsia. I was told I should stay home from work and 'take it easy' and come in for biweekly appointments, blood work, NSTs, and biophysical profiles. I have been well-versed in all of the symptoms of pre-e, but so far I have experienced none. Occasionally I will have a mild headache but don't even need to take tylenol and it goes away. I just turned 31 weeks.
I am really hoping I can make it to 35 weeks without any issues or symptoms.
I guess my questions are, has anyone else showed moderate protein levels and had no symptoms? My Blood pressure is higher than average, but I don't consider this seriously high. I continue to monitor it daily at home and record the results. I am wondering...is this even pre-ecclampsia? It all seems very strange and I wonder if staying at home is really neccessary.
One other thing, on my first NST last week the baby's heart rate "deccelerated" once, and she did not move around much so it was a non-responsive test. I did not eat before the test, though...so I am told that would have likely made a difference. They did an ultrasound right afterwards and saw lots of movement and the doppler was fine so they sent me home.
Just thinking that I am waiting to go off some proverbial cliff...but so far I have felt the same as I felt at 19 weeks as I do at 31. I guess if it is Pre-e, I am lucky to hold out this long without complications or symptoms.

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