Brewer's Diet for High Bp and even Pre-e?

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Re: Brewer's Diet for High Bp and even Pre-e?

Postby tree » Wed Oct 27, 639880 1:40 pm

Just agreeing with the previous posters - we all really wish there was something like diet that could prevent or manage PE. There isn't. There is no science behind the high-protein diet. Many of us think it is outright harmful because it often makes women feel guilty for not trying hard enough or sticking to it if they get sick. This discussion usually degenerates into a very nasty debate, but I think we can all agree that putting more pressure on stressed-out, sick women doesn't help anyone. FWIW, encouraging women to reduce their stress levels and "just relax" is kind of similar. It is probably better for you to relax more, but you aren't getting sick because of stress.

Talk to your doctor about any major changes in diet or lifestyle that you are considering. Many of them fall into the category of "probably won't help, can't hurt", but there are some things that are contraindicated for certain women. Your doctor will know more about your specific situation. You probably want to know what they think about things like diet, exercise, etc. anyway.
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Re: Brewer's Diet for High Bp and even Pre-e?

Postby sam10 » Wed Oct 27, 639880 6:08 am

Many people would be very happy if following a diet would be the remedy for PE. But unfortunately it is not that simple. If you get PE, your placenta is the culprit. Delivery of the placenta is the only known cure. :(
Eating healthy foods and maintaining a general healthy lifestyle during pregnancy (and well, outside of it too ;) is important, but it is not known to influence whether you get PE or not.
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Re: Brewer's Diet for High Bp and even Pre-e?

Postby mom29 » Wed Oct 27, 639880 5:25 am

This is a question that comes up frequently.

You could search all the posts on this question or you can look at this long thread about it.

The person who was a proponent of this diet (Joy) admitted that it will not work if you have high blood pressure.
The diet hasn't been proven to work anyway, but you can read the thread.

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Brewer's Diet for High Bp and even Pre-e?

Postby Tscheeler » Tue Oct 26, 639880 1:18 pm

Has anyone heard anything on this. MY doula mentioned it today and after some research it seems they think this diet can help with it all.

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