So aggrivated!!!

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Re: So aggrivated!!!

Postby marilyn621 » Tue Sep 14, 639576 10:47 pm

You have to keep at it. They were really tired of seeing my face at the hospital by the time my doctor induced me. They kept saying I was "fine" but when I asked him specifically about a 24 hr urine I did at 35 weeks he had to admit the protein was too high. That was two weeks later. I don't think he had even looked at the results.
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Re: So aggrivated!!!

Postby princess purr » Wed Aug 11, 639576 4:48 am

I agree, keep complaining until you get what you need. Go to L & D and tell them you are having horrible headaches and let them rerun you lab work. Preeclampsia can move so fast, if you aren't feeling right it is important you get checked out. I would be highly aggravated!!!
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Re: So aggrivated!!!

Postby » Tue Aug 10, 639576 1:23 am

I am having the same issues with my docs and even when they tell me, well since your bp if fine, blah blah I have still insisted already by 21 weeks on labs, two 24 hour urine tests and an ultrasound . I don't care what they say, there is still no cure for preeclampsia, therefore theses docs don't know enough about it to say everything looks good now so,no need for further tests at this time. There are no real experts in the Ob/MFM world in pre-e, just those that will take us on and hope for the best in managing our care. Its all money/insurance bullshit in the end so advocate for yourself, if your not comfortable then insist! We know how quickly you can go from all looks fine to big trouble! I did pay out of pocket for "extra ultrasound" but it was well worth it! Your body your baby!!! Speak up!
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So aggrivated!!!

Postby melissaa » Thu Jul 29, 639576 7:41 pm

The dr i saw at my high risk ob (for continued spotting and contractions from the Sunday) actually told me today that pain at my right rib (last night) and right shoulder blade pain (going on 2 weeks) arent at all an indicator of possible pre-e... dispite the fact that ive had a headache for 4 weeks with blurry vision that was HORRIBLE today and was seeing spots in the office..."bc my bp was normal there". My BP this morning and this afternoon both were higher than they have been (still not 140/90 but getting closer). She said my labs (done for rising bp and history) were normal 3 weeks ago so im fine. Im so aggrivated!!! I dont understand why they dont just repeat my labs, even if for nothing but to ease MY own mind!?
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