Our little guy is here!

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Re: Our little guy is here!

Postby marilyn621 » Sun Jan 04, 639576 2:40 am

Aw!w he is a beautiful baby! Congratulations !
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Rachel Irene born 9-19-12, chronic hypertension and mild PE, induced at 37wks+3,delivered via c-section 37wks+5

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Our little guy is here!

Postby hillary8l8 » Sun Jan 04, 639576 2:32 am

Started an induction at 39+2 on Tuesday (8/28) night. Had our little guy on 8/29 at 12:42 pm. Labor and birth went great, BP was just a bit high throughout, and already down post partum. Little guy is so calm and laid back! God is good!
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