Swelling at 9 weeks?

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Re: Swelling at 9 weeks?

Postby marilyn621 » Fri Apr 13, 639573 9:00 am

Did anything show on the ultrasound? I miscarried around 6 weeks and the symptoms disappeared just as fast as they appeared. Like one day I was nauseated and swollen and woke up bleeding the next day and I just wasn't. I didn't have an ultrasound with that one, but when I got pregnant again a couple months later I went to the ER at 5 weeks (OB wouldn't see me until 8 weeks) and twins showed on the ultrasound. You couldn't see the heartbeats because it was too soon but you could see the sacs. Anyway I went back for my 8 week and one of the babies wasn't there. I didn't bleed but had very sharp pains in my groin area.
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Re: Swelling at 9 weeks?

Postby trish » Mon Nov 13, 639572 12:57 pm

I'm so sorry to hear what you are going through but I hope it will be reassuring to know it's too early for the swelling to be related to PE. PE doesn't usually show up until after 20 weeks but we have had some posters diagnosed as early as 19 weeks.

In order to have PE you have to have developed a placenta and at 8-9 weeks that hasn't happened yet. Here is a great link that explains how/why we think PE occurs: http://www.preeclampsia.org/research-to ... eeclampsia

Please update us when you can after your u/s and tests. I'm hoping it was just too early to see the heartbeat before. (((HUGS)))
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Re: Swelling at 9 weeks?

Postby sam10 » Fri Nov 03, 639572 4:07 am

I am very sorry about your miscarriage. It is heartbreaking, especially with all the symptoms still as though baby is alive. Be gentle with yourself and allow yourself time to recover and heal.
As far as the swelling goes, I would tell your doctor about it. Pregnancy hormones and heat can make you swell, but at this gestational age, I don't believe it should be severe. I had some swelling in my feet in early pregnancy, but I also swell a bit in the summer outside of pregnancy. Same with puffy eyes.
Will be thinking of you. Sending you hugs.
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Swelling at 9 weeks?

Postby lotsamom » Fri Nov 03, 639572 12:43 am

I think it's pretty sure I actually have a missed miscarriage. I went to the OB last week at what I thought was 8 weeks and we couldn't see a heartbeat. I have a follow ultrasound and labs tomorrow though to be sure. I have never had a miscarriage before. :cry:

But what I'm mostly writing to ask about is swelling. I don't normally have swelling in pregnancy or if I do it's like in the last week or so of pregnancy. The only time I had a lot of swelling and early on was with my 2nd daughter. With her I started swelling early in my second trimester. I ended up with pretty severe preeclampsia and hospitalized at 31 weeks. Currently my body seems to think I am pregnant whether or not our baby has passed. My belly is growing. I have morning sickness and sore breasts still. No symptoms of miscarriage so far. But this past week I have had some odd swelling. A couple of times I noticed my face seemed swollen around my eyes. I wondered if it was allergies though this is not a normal symptom for me. Some times my hands have felt swollen.

Well today we went to Six Flags. Early on I looked down at my feet and one point and felt surprised and wondered if my feet were actually swollen or if my ankles were really just that fat. A couple of times I looked down at my legs and each time I noticed they seemed odd and splotchy. The skin tone was off. My legs felt heavy. Then at one point when we arrived at the water park section and as I was taking off my sandals I was horrified to noticed how swollen I was. My feet were terribly swollen. I actually had a crease where my ankle met the top of my foot. My ankles were swollen part way up to my calves. It felt horrible and LOOKED horrible. This is swelling that is very out of the ordinary for me. I don't ever get swollen while not pregnant.

I was able to lay down in the water in the shade and cool off and elevate my feet and they eventually got noticeably better. Getting up and walking around again of course made them worse. I'm home in bed now and resting and assume I'll be much better by morning. But could I even possibly be having early symptoms leading to preeclampsia THIS early?? Swelling like this worries me and I basically had a small panic attack when I saw how bad my feet were. It brought back so many frightening memories. I have never heard of swelling with a miscarriage but it seems so far my body still believes it's growing a healthy baby so not responding normally.

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