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Re: All new to me - possible complications?

Posted: Tue Jul 03, 2012 04:29 am
by nov_mum
Hi there

Some people have no long lasting effects as such and others do. There are numerous things that can go wrong as PE effects a wide range of tissues and organs. In saying that, I have had three children, been diagnosed each time with PE and each time I have been very lucky not to have any major long lasting effects. A higher risk of high BP later in life is a known factor but it depends on how your symptoms manifest really. Some are left with lasting kidney or liver damage, some have visual disturbances, detached retinas can happen as well as placental abruptions. All of these things sound awful though and lots of people who are properly monitored are able to be induced early to prevent major damage. In regards to baby, PE can cause IGUR but if that is an issue you would know about that already. PE can deteriorate overnight, it can creep slowly. The idea is to be aware of the warning signs of deterioration and report them asap. At 36 weeks you are in a great position. Baby is well developed and if you were induced to deliver this week, it is likely you would go home after a short stay with your child. You are nearly term and if you can rest up, do so. Try not to panic about the possible complications but inform yourself. The thread about the physiological effects on this forum is very informative. Good luck and I hope your son arrives safely : )

All new to me - possible complications?

Posted: Mon Jul 02, 2012 08:26 am
by lilbecksxx
Hi everyone!

I am currently 36 weeks + 2, and was diagnosed with mild pre-e a few days ago. I am obviously closely monitored now & have been doing as much research as I can since the diagnosis, so I am so pleased I have found this site.

Depending on how the monitoring goes, I will be induced sometime between now and 39 weeks. My question is, what are the likely health complications that could occur for my son or myself during/after delivery? I am more worried about him than anything else, I just want him to be healthy and safe.

Thanks in advance!! :)