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Re: UPDATE: Possible onset of pre-e found at 24 weeks

Posted: Fri Jun 29, 2012 09:29 am
by lemons
Sounds like you have a great medical team following you and baby. I was curious to know how you made out with the 24 hr urinalysis and blood work?

Re: UPDATE: Possible onset of pre-e found at 24 weeks

Posted: Sat Jun 23, 2012 06:06 pm
by alexis
I'm glad you're being followed closely--hope you keep that baby cooking longer!

UPDATE: Possible onset of pre-e found at 24 weeks

Posted: Fri Jun 22, 2012 03:00 pm
by acm990
Update time!!

I went in to the MFM this morning for a bpp. LO looks wonderful. 85%ile for head and 87%ile for abdomen..His weight right now as of 25w3d is 2lbs 4oz. This makes me VERY happy, seeing as we know for a fact I am not going to make it to my edd Oct.2.2012. Blood flow from the cord looks perfect, as well as the placenta.

Bp was 141/85 and +1 protein was found in my urine. I did ask for the 24hr urine catch and received that lovely little bucket, so I will turn that in Monday morning and will have the results from that and blood work Wednesday. I also inquired about the steroid injections for his lungs and they said this is absolutely something we will do; However it will hopefully be a few weeks/months before we do this as they said ideally we want to have these injections as close to delivery as possible.

My OB will be seeing me twice a week now, instead of a weekly visit with the MFM. I suppose they were just for a second opinion, and now have info on me in case I need to switch to them in the future. I still haven't been officially diagnosed with pre-e, but they made it clear that they believe they have caught the early development of it. I am not sure weather this is good or bad...Good to make myself aware and educated and have the chance to manage it better but then again I worry that being so early on in my pregnancy, I might have to deliver before 34 weeks, which I was told today is our goal.

Thank you ladies so much!! I am so glad I have found out about this site and board. Didn't know pre-e existed a week ago and now I feel much more prepared for everything.