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Re: Rights? 38 weeks and been overlooked?

Posted: Sat Jun 16, 2012 09:18 pm
by tree
It is possible to develop preeclampsia in a subsequent pregnancy, even if you didn't have it with your first. What were the results of your 24hour test? They typically diagnose preeclampsia after two BP readings greater than 140/90 and greater than 300 mg proteinuria in your 24 hour urine catch. That said, you can be very sick without meeting either of those criteria (I didn't). Daily monitoring with frequent blood and urine screens should help detect any lurking PE issues, but it is important to pay attention to any other symptoms such as a severe headache, nausea, vomiting, increased facial or hand swelling. What do you want your doctors to do?

PE is a tricky thing. Doctors have to maintain a difficult balance between what is best for the baby and doing the least harm to Mom. You could talk to your doctors about the recent HYPITAT study which recommends delivery at 37 weeks for gestational hypertension or PE. Here is a very recent "ask the experts" reply describing the American College of OB/GYNs position on delivery of patients with PIH or PE at 37 weeks. They now recommend delivery for even mild gestational hypertension.

Rights? 38 weeks and been overlooked?

Posted: Sat Jun 16, 2012 06:23 pm
by tipsy_bl0nde
Hi im just wondering if there is anything i can do.

Around 30weeks symptoms started showing and my blood pressure wasnt very high but still high between 135-145/85-90 considering my average is about 100/75. Have had traces of protein every test done so far and had to do a 24 hour test. Ive had swollen hands now and then (not constant) and bubs growth is un steady and shes measuring small which was when they started thinking it was IUGR. My first daughter was absolutely fine no complications at all throughout pregnancy or after. She was 7.5pounds. I have started feeling very dizzy for about 6 weeks now and cant breath very well sometimes.

I am now 38weeks+1 and have been going in to hosp for monitoring almost daily and blood/urine tests done very often. For the last 4 days i have been having contractions regulary but not very painful. they were every 30seconds but mild. Went to hospital yesterday because i had blurry vision and very sensitive eyes to sunlight. They think im in prelabour but wont do anything even though i feel unwell. Contractions picked up since yesterday but i dont feel like im being very monitored when aparently im a risk. They wont tell me i have pre eclampsia because their reason was i never had it with my first. But yet its continuously coming up and all the signs are there. HELP ME PLEASE