High blood pressure, no pre e...hoping to connect

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Re: High blood pressure, no pre e...hoping to connect

Postby MomTimesThree » Mon May 28, 2012 12:15 am

I'm so sorry you've had such a difficult go during this pregnancy. With all the bleeding, they've checked on baby and placenta and all is well in there?
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High blood pressure, no pre e...hoping to connect

Postby intime0 » Mon May 28, 2012 02:13 am

I've been reading this board like crazy but there is so much I could spend the entire pregnancy reading it!! I was hoping I could share my journey and get some feedback. Maybe someone who has experienced the same things and went on to have a healthy pregnancy. Or maybe that didnt. Whichever. I guess I just want to hear how others have fared.

This is my 6 birth. With number 4 I developed pree. Slowly bp went up, went on bed rest. (I know the jury is out on that but if it makes dad and doctor feel better for Mom to rest, no harm, right?) Protein slowly started spilling. Within a few weeks we were at super high levels with bp and protein. wanted to csection us, we managed an inducement and a natural birth.

Now with number 6, all was going well. My bp was a little elevated, but nothing to worry about. A few times as high as 140/90 but that wasnt the regular reading. (I take an herb for high bp in pregnancy, so I upped it and it stayed managed just fine.)

NO protein, no other signs of pre e. Things were fine.

Got sick with something that's called mycoplasma...it's something they have over here...we are overseas. It causes a raise in bp. I was having some sleep apnea. So those things combined were working against me to raise my bp.

About a week ago, I started spotting. VERY little. Pink, not even red. MIdwife said it was nothing to worry about, just take it easy. So that basically meant tell the kids to stop climbing on me. LOL Easier said than done, little monkeys.

A few days ago, I went to bed, bp normal. Woke up seeing spots, barely able to see, not feeling right. Just shaky, out of breath. Etc etc.

Tell DH that we should probably get checked out.

Sure enough bp super high. Baby is doing fine, but they admit me to watch overnight. Have a hard time getting bp stabilized. Stay another night. The second night I started bleeding down my leg. Scary stuff, there.

He gives me a progesterone shot. Bleeding slows down. The meds for the bp gives me a massive, massive headache like I've never experienced before.

Sends us home with bp managed. Still getting headaches from meds. MY poor HEAD. In the hosptial I was only allowed 2 Panadols every 6 hours. They must want my head to fall off cause that's what it felt like. Now I can take them as needed. Along with valium at night if needed to help me get comfortable. He was really concerned that I wasnt sleeping enough. Which I wasnt...aren't.

So now, I'm home on bed rest...and my bp is a little elevated over what it was. And now I'm bleeding again. So that's where I'm at.

I'm hoping to carry to full term. On my wish list is a natural, homebirth. At this point, I'll be grateful for a non preemie. Know what I mean? Anyone have anything like this and still delivered at home or at least naturally? Let nature takes its course with no inducement or csection.

FYI, no preeclampsia at this point, and no HELLP> All tests came back clear.

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