Why us this NOT preeclampsia?

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Re: Why us this NOT preeclampsia?

Postby alexis » Sat May 19, 2012 03:14 pm

Did they do a 24 hour collection, or just dips?

Until your 24 hour reaches 300, you have gestational hypertension, not preeclampsia--the official definition requires both. The dipsticks are not very reliable because they measure concentration, not quantity. (I have a friend who got a 2+, then a 3+ a couple of hours later after drinking water. They ran a 24 hour. Just over 200.)

I would request a 24 hour, but if that comes back under 300, the diagnosis is correct. That doesn't mean no big deal: a lot of gestational hypertension will progress to preeclampsia, and high blood pressure on its own isn't very good for you or the baby.

I can see why you feel brushed off, however, and I would address that with the OB. There isn't anything that can be "done" about it, per se (the only real treatment we have is delivery, and you're right that it's very early), but you do want it to be closely monitored so if it worsens, delivery can be timed appropriately.
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Re: Why us this NOT preeclampsia?

Postby MomTimesThree » Sat May 19, 2012 12:25 am

I would request a 24 hour. If my bp was 150/100 and I had those symptoms my doctors would be very upset! Were you given any instructions to monitor your BP at home? If not I would, and also ask your doctors what they want you to do should you catch it creeping up again. And hey, maybe it is "just" PIH, but better to have some solid labs and baseline now just in case it does progress to something else.
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Why us this NOT preeclampsia?

Postby Wigglybugger » Sat May 19, 2012 10:37 am

Hi. I'm 26 weeks. I have had three or so urin dips that were positive for protien. Then on fri my BP was 150/100 in the office. I had been seeing black floaters as well as tiny white lights (stars), and an just now beginning to have typical pregnancy edema. This is my second baby, and my first pregnancy was a breeze.
I was sent right away to L&D where they did some blood work for liver/kidney functions. Everything was excellent. The Dr. Remarked that my labs were better than hers. She told me that I only have gestational hypertension and not pre-E, and to just schedule my next prenatal visit for two weeks.
Of course I googled preeclampsia when I got home and now I have some questions. Should I have a 24 hour urin test? Isn't the symptom of protenuria in addition to high BP diagnostic? How could protien make it into my urine if my kidneys are functioning well? Are my docs doing me a favor by calling it hypertension or a disservice? I mean, there is nothing really to be done about it at this point right? My BP is not so high that I need meds. Baby was right on schedule for growth at 20 weeks, so that's not an issue, and it's WAY to early to deliver. So should I go with the flow or take the reigns in my care a little bit here?

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