24 hour protein/ QUESTION!

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Re: 24 hour protein/ QUESTION!

Postby sam10 » Fri Feb 17, 2012 08:49 pm

You are in good company when it comes to PE around here, but I am sorry you even have to find "like minded", if I might say so. All your questions are more than welcome. In my case, I am not sure how long I was spilling protein, b/c I was diagnosed at my 24 week checkup and my numbers were sky-high (somewhere around 7000). At my 20 week checkup my dip was clear, so somewhere in between it must have all happened.
As far as I know protein levels can hover for quite a while and never go much higher or they can rise quickly. I'll keep my fingers crossed that you will hover for a while longer :)
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Re: 24 hour protein/ QUESTION!

Postby libby123 » Fri Feb 17, 2012 07:23 pm

My blood pressure shot up at 26 weeks, was really high at 29 weeks, but then stabilized as I was put on meds and bed rest. At 36 weeks when I delivered, my BP was in the 170s/100s at my appointment but was down in the 140s/90s once I got to the hospital.

My protein was taken at 3 times. Once at 29 weeks, once at 32 weeks, and once at 35 weeks. The first time it was in the 100s, the next time in the 200s and the last time in the 400s. So my protein rose really slowly. One of the main reasons that the protein goes up is because the blood pressure is so high that it strains the kidneys, so if your BP is stable your protein will likely rise more slowly than someone whose BP is extremely high and erratic.
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24 hour protein/ QUESTION!

Postby kellyleerules » Fri Feb 17, 2012 05:41 pm

Ok, so this isn't my first time with pre-eclampsia..(I actually haven't been officially diagnosed yet..but my doctor said it's coming)...anyway, with my first when I had pre-e I became sick in the late 20's of my preg, became eclamptic my 35th week and delivered...however, I never has access to my labs, so although I knew I was spilling protein, etc I never knew the #'s.
With this pregnancy, I do. I am almost 28 weeks, bp is up (not crazy, but for me), have put on 45 pounds, almost 20 of it in less than 3 weeks, and was just ordered to do my 2nd 24 hour urine. I did my first in the beginning(baseline) with no protein at all....this one came back with a protein of 250, and my creatine clearance-flagged for HIGH. (I am aware that pre e is 300 and higher), but I guess my question is for the pre e veterens around here that know their labs....did your protein levels creep up or shoot up??? I just feel like I am getting sick again, and the protein, even if not a crazy amount, is making me feel like a time bomb over here :/

Any info would be great..I don't have a lot of women that I can talk to about this??? It's like I am speaking another language!

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