Proteinuria 9 Weeks Postpartum

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Re: Proteinuria 9 Weeks Postpartum

Postby patty » Sun Mar 21, 639266 12:54 pm

I was still spilling a lot of protein postpartum even up to six weeks. It can take a while to resolve especially if your levels were really high when pregnant. I had a severe case of pre-e though. It sounds like you might have some underlying kidney issues going on, I hope you get some answers and good news from your doctors soon. Best of luck and keep us posted.
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Proteinuria 9 Weeks Postpartum

Postby ames84 » Sun Feb 14, 639266 11:00 am

Hi Everyone! I have lurked for awhile and you seem to be FULL of info so I thought you would be a good place to start.

A little bit on me...I am 9 weeks postpartum with my first child. During my pregnancy, I spilled urine during the majority of the time and had MAJOR MAJOR swelling issues in my legs, ankles, feet, hands and face during the latter end. I never had high blood pressure and my doctor was never concerned about the protein or swelling. I was also never diagnosed with Preeclampsia.

Now that I am postpartum, my urine was tested because I went in for what I believed was a UTI (I had the strong urge to urinate). The results came back that I did not have a UTI, but there was 600mg of protein present. I never had this much during my pregnancy, only trace amounts. I was referred to a Family Practice dr. and so far, her and my OB seem stumped.

First, I had blood drawn which revealed that I didn't have any sort of infection. I am not sure on the creatinine levels. I had a kidney ultrasound which came back "normal" (this is how it was worded by a nurse, I have not met with the dr. to discuss the results) and also did a 24 hour protein collection. Again, a nurse called and said the protein levels were "very high" and to make sure I went to my follow-up appt. with the dr. next week, but no more info was provided. In the mean time, I am very anxious, as both drs have seemed very concerned but are kind of leaving me in the dark. With the "normal" kidney ultrasound results, I'm almost even more confused.

**Also feel I should note that I had no protein in my urine when I first found out I was pregnant

Any insight into this situation????

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