Things got ugly last night -Update

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Re: Things got ugly last night -Update

Postby Shannonlynn » Wed Jul 08, 639265 3:00 am

Okay, I am worried about you too! I have never heard of such behavior. These people act like you are a hot potato and no one wants you. I say for the new OB, you call the MFM office and ask to speak to one of the nurses, not the receptionist. When you get the nurse, you explain this is an IMMEDIATE NEED and have the nurse speak to the MFM about an OB that is versed in high-risk pregnancy. The MFM will know of someone and will do all things possible to help you. This blows my mind that they continue to pawn you off at every turn. You could die.

This kind of ineptness is exactly why I got rid of the OBs I had with my first pregnancy. I couldn't put up with the nonsense. The mature (50-something) doctor was the only one who seemed to know anything about pe and HE seemed really nervous about discussing it. At my six week pp appointment he said point blank " I would suggest you never get pregnant again". I walked out of there extremely sad and angry and vowed never to see them again. My MFMs are awesome and the nurses are fabulous too.

If you have to get loud with these people, do so. When you call the MFM you may have some push back from the receptionist but just be direct and say you want to visit with the nurse. That is the person who can make everything happen. Good Luck!!

Also, is there another hospital in your area? You could check into the ER elsewhere if possible. Keep us posted. We are praying for you.
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Re: Things got ugly last night

Postby alviarin » Sat Jun 27, 639265 7:25 am

I hope you were able to get some help today.

The only other suggestion I have is to maybe find a good internist. They should be able to help coordinate things with all your different doctors and are used to dealing with patients with more complex issues.
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Re: Things got ugly last night

Postby aajatwins » Sat Jun 27, 639265 4:30 am

yes, please, go somewhere else!! do not stay at home after having a seizure - you need to be seen. things will only keep progressing with no intervention.
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Re: Things got ugly last night

Postby ktsl123 » Sat Jun 27, 639265 4:21 am

Omigod. I am scared for you. This is a big deal. You need to call your OB asap, you need to get help fast and you need to demand to see a Dr. I have never heard of anything like this. I am really scared for you.
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Re: Things got ugly last night

Postby trish » Fri Jun 26, 639265 6:57 pm

I am appalled too! Can you get in to see your OB ASAP? Or go to a different hospital? I'm serious - I wouldn't feel comfortable staying at home if I were you. Please try and get somewhere to be seen. Keep us updated when you can - I'm worried about you. (((HUGS)))
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Things got ugly last night -Update

Postby chubbiesmom » Fri Jun 26, 639265 11:57 am

After dealing with ministrokes these past few months things went crazy enough yesterday for me to go get looked at. Yesterday I was feeling very off; headache, nausea, racing heart, high Bp, spots in my vision, and problems walking. I went to the fire dept tightby my work because I wanted to make sure my machine wasn't off since my high was 179/113. Nope, it wasn't off much. I was 174/111, and they took me again to the hospital. I also was having chest pain and low oxygen levels too. In the ambulance holding area Bp was lower 149/111 but my heart was still racing. They tend to fight over me when I go in because Er doesn't want me cause I'm pregnant and labor and delivery doesn't want me because of the neurological and heart problems. So they finally send me to l & d and they do the whole reclined large cuff Bp readings. Then I do the dipstick urine and I warned them I literally drank 88 oz before i came in and it wouldn't be a true reading. So my Bp is lower, of course, urine negative because it's the color of water, no one did any neurological tests(not even the knee thump) they never addressed the chest pain accompanied with the dips in my o2 levels. I never saw a doctor the whole time I was there. They gave me discharge instructions to watch my salt intake and to go walking( gained 13 lbs in 1 mth) I question the walking since I told her I was contemplating a walker because I can't walk more then 100 ft without help. They never listened to me. She said well I guess then you need to follow up with a cardiolOgist and neurologist. 2 hrs after being discharged my reflexes were so bad I felt I could kick the ceiling by just touching the reflex point on my knee. My heart was beating so hard you could see my foot move from the pulse in my leg. Shortly after that I had a seizure at home. I'm jet appalled by my care. I feel better right now except for the headache but still feel really on edge. Even when I had severe PE in 2003 my labs were always good just everything else went crazy first. So extremely upset. I don't know what to do.

Update -
I called my ob and after 3 hrs with no call back, I called the Mfm. The lady at the desk said I had to deal with my ob first. The Mfm personally told me that I could call her anytime with questions, but no such luck getting thru with the lady on the phone. I then called the ob office back and was able to talk to a nurse. I explained everything about my l &d visit. She said Er should have treated me not l&d. She consulted with the ob that was on call while I was in the hospital, and she had the nurse tell me that I need to see a cardiologist and my family doctor that none of this is pregnancy related. I also was told hyper reflexes, high bp, and seizures were not pregnancy issues either. I said you really are uneducated regarding preeclampsia. Even though I had perfect Bp during the first trimester and none of these issues outside of pregnancy, they have nothing to do with it I guess. Im looking for a new ob today if I can find anyone to take me :( So much for the promise that if any problems arose all the obs including the Mfm would decide together what to do .
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