Any one have a history of seizures or dvlp pst part szrs.

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Any one have a history of seizures or dvlp pst part szrs.

Postby rwpokluda » Sun Jul 06, 639253 5:14 am

Not sure if anyone can answer this question or can relate but after reading a couple of posts I thought about this. I grew up with Epilepsy and have been in remission since age 12. I used to have grand mal seizures but have not since then. A year before being pregnant I had a petit-mal seizure and we think it was from being tired and dehydrated. I had severe HELLP and seere Pre-E and 25 weeks delivering my son. I relapsed twice with the HELLP (which isn't supposed to happen) and my bp did not resolve itself for quite some time. I am still having issues from time to time three years later. Within 6 weeks after my son's birth I had another petit-mal seizure while at my room at the Ronald McDonald House. I thought it might have been from being tired and dehydrated from pumping so much. Now that I think back with all my crazy bp's, I am starting to wonder if it was from my fluctuating bp's and my postpartum problems. Has anyone else experienced this or know of someone who has. We are trying again for another baby and didn't think about the seizures from eclampsia. Deff going to talk to my MFM the next visit in a cpl weeks but thought I would ask here too. Thanks
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