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Re: Post-Delivery Lab Numbers

Posted: Thu Dec 16, 639249 3:36 pm
by patty
It can take a long time for everything to get back down to normal. I am surprised the did a 24hr so soon postpartum. I know I was still dipping like 3 or 4 plus a month out and my high risk ob's did not seem concerned just said it takes a while especially if you had a really high amount when you delivered.

Re: Post-Delivery Lab Numbers

Posted: Wed Nov 24, 639249 12:26 pm
by heather j
It *could* still be that high. It took awhile for all my values to settle into normal range. <150 is considered normal for someone who's not pregnant, so you aren't terribly far off. We do have members who spill pretty decent quantities outside of pregnancy due to kidney damage or other medical reasons. Do you have any idea what your kidney function looked like prior to this pregnancy? I think the last time my doctors checked following my PE pregnancy was four months out, and all was normal. I would definitely, at this point, follow up with an internist. Hope that helps!

Post-Delivery Lab Numbers

Posted: Mon Nov 01, 639249 9:51 am
by twolittlebirds
I'm not feeling very comfortable with my current OB care, so I think I've got to advocate for myself pretty hard here.

My last baby was born on 4/13 at 37 weeks due to pre-e. 7 weeks PP, I repeated the 24 hour urine test and metabolic panel. My 24 hour came back at 248 and my uric acid is elevated (10.7). My OB's office didn't seem concerned, just saying that it was going down as it should.

Should it still be that high? When should I request to repeat the tests? This was my 2nd pregnancy with pre-e.