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Re: Scared

Postby korie » Wed Oct 20, 638951 12:36 pm

I just wanted to let you know I have been on BP meds at the start of this pregnancy and my last. I wouldn't say it prevented spikes or that the spikes meant anything either. I have had BP spikes several times this pregnancy. Sometimes they have been prior to my BP going up and staying up, thus getting higher doses of meds, and sometimes they have just been spikes and gone back to where I was. The chronic hypertension is easier to deal with than the pre-e, but it can still cause issues. With my first it was severe pre-e, my second I had mild pre-e by 20 weeks and it never progressed (delivered at 36 weeks due to the BP) and now with this one no pre-e but pretty severe hypertension. For some reason when I am pregnant my hypertension is almost uncontrollable and I have been told that my scenerio is rare even when dealing with hypertensive pregnancies. It will really depend on how your body reacts to this pregnancy. All of my pregnancies have been different. Good luck.

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Re: Scared

Postby celina » Wed Oct 20, 638951 1:51 am

I am so sorry you are experiencing this. I had horrible experiences with the IUD. I tried it twice even but never kept it longer than 3 weeks. Horrid bleeding and cramping. But I guess it "worked" because there was no way we were having sex like that :oops:

We now use FAM/NFP when we need to avoid pregnancy. I know it isn't for everyone but it definitely works for us.


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Re: Scared

Postby aajatwins » Wed Sep 15, 638951 9:20 pm

I just wanted to say that I had a similar bad experience with the IUD. It was definitely not worth it to keep for me either.

I hope & pray that if you do get pregnant, it's a very uneventful 9 months!! Best wishes :)
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Postby mommy2maddie » Wed Sep 15, 638951 2:27 am

I know this is stupid to post but I need to vent and I need some support. I have two wonderful children, DD is almost 2 1/2 and DS is almost 14 months. After DS was born I had an iud inserted, it was great up until about a month ago. For about a month I have been having ongoing what seems to be like yeast infections, although my doc has told me that it is not a yeast infection, he says its (TMI) the iud causing extra cervical mucous and it is irritating me. Well it irritates me so bad that I feel like I have cuts that bleed. It has also caused a lot of strain to our sex life, so needless to say I am getting it taken out on Friday. I am also nervous because we have decided not to try for another baby but not prevent it and if it happens, it happens, however both my kids were oopsies so I am afraid I might become pregnant right away. Don't get me wrong, I want another child, but I am terrified of going through another PE pregnancy. My doctor told me that the next pregnancy would probablly be much like my last but anything could happen. Also this pregnancy I am already starting out on a bp med, Visken, i think is its name. For those of you with chronic hypertention did bp meds not allow you to have spikes unless it was actually going up, I guess what I am trying to say is that I get very worked up at the docs office and my bp is high then, which landed me in the hospital a couple times last pregnancy, and while in the hospital I had perfect bp readings, I do not want this to happen again!
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