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Re: Chronic Hypertension but Pre-e labs came back negative

Posted: Mon Oct 14, 638948 10:58 am
by LukeMom06
Thanks, my appt today was not a happy one. Blood pressures great but amniotic fluid is too low.

Re: Chronic Hypertension but Pre-e labs came back negative

Posted: Thu Oct 03, 638948 8:18 am
by rachelc
It is hard to say how much longer you can stay pregnant. If you continue to be relatively stable, then it is reasonable to think that you can get 6 or 7 more weeks out of your pregnancy. I made it 11 more weeks after I was diagnosed with pe in my last pregnancy and the pregnancy before that I had PIH many weeks before I had full blown pe.

I was on labetalol during my last pregnancy but, have never been on aldomet so I can't give you any info on that. As far as labs go some docs won't repeat labs until there is some change such as a raise in bp, significant swelling, pe headache, or fetal indicators that suggest that pe is coming on or worsening. My doctor decided that with my history and risk factors that it was prudent to repeat labs every 2 weeks.

Chronic Hypertension but Pre-e labs came back negative

Posted: Wed Oct 02, 638948 9:12 pm
by LukeMom06
Ok, I am a chronic hypertensive, and was in the hospital on Oct 29 for high bp. They now have me on Aldomet and labetalol along with modified bedrest. I am hoping to make it to 36-37 weeks. I know once pre-e starts to be the diagnoses, people normally deliver within about 2 weeks. Since my bp is back down, and my labs were all great, do I have a chance of making it 6-7 more weeks? I am not sure what to think since I do not have any signs of pre-e.

I have two appts a week for Bpp and NSTs, one at my high risk dr and one at my OB. So far no IUGR, baby is always in the 40th percentile. I want to be realistic about when our baby boy may get here, but have no idea what to think since I was already preeclamptic at this time my first pregnancy and urine, platelets and liver all look great. My body is responding very well to the new meds and bedrest.

Anyone have any thoughts, and has anyone ever heard of being on aldomet and labetalol at the same time? When should we look at repeating labs?