possible pre-e how to help the pain? 25 1/2 wks pg

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Re : possible pre-e how to help the pain? 25 1/2 wks pg

Postby riehlism » Fri Oct 01, 638945 3:35 pm

I would check myself into labor and delivery and get checked out by those guys. Same thing happened to me. My hospital admitted me until I delivered. Better to check it out and be safe.

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Re : possible pre-e how to help the pain? 25 1/2 wks pg

Postby rachelc » Fri Oct 01, 638945 3:34 pm

My personal opinion is that you should go to the ER or at the very least speak to the on call doctor about your situation. Headaches can be normal during pregnancy but, if they are associated with preeclampsia it can mean that your nervous system is being affected and you could be at risk for a seizure. Also, pe can go from mild to severe quickly, sometimes even within a matter of hours. It is just not worth the risk to wait out the night if your health and the health of your baby could be in jeopardy. Let us know what you end up doing!

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possible pre-e how to help the pain? 25 1/2 wks pg

Postby aileysmom » Fri Oct 01, 638945 1:40 pm

im 25 1/2 weeks pregnant with 2nd baby. i went to doc today had to see a different doc cuz mine was out today. headache (entire right side of head; dull throbbing pain) and i just felt weird (hard to explain). bp was 149/90 had me lay on left side for 30 mins went down to 139/81. gained 2 lbs in 2 1/2 weeks. this doc said cuz my bp went down not to worry about it. only trace amounts of protein in urine. he gave me some prescription for my headache cuz tynol wasnt working. i took 2 (max dose) he told me to for my first dosage to make sure it went away. it helped didnt make it go away but took some of the pain away. 2 hours later ALL the pain is back, and im feeling weird again. i cant take more for 4 more hours. what could be causeing this? he just told me that i showed some signs of pre e but because he wasnt my normal doc and i didnt gain aton of weight and bp went down alittle he wasnt going to hospitalize me. told me to see my doc tomorrow if it didnt help. (doc was sick today, hopefully is back tomorrow) what could this be? how can i get through a night with this pain or should i go to er even though its the same as i went to doc today. plz help!

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