what causes pitting adema and when to buy premie

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Re : what causes pitting adema and when to buy premie

Postby love_the_daschies » Thu Sep 30, 638945 3:50 pm

lou was in preemie diapers for the first 6 weeks. we got them from the hospital we bought his preemie outfits after he was born. also, gerber seems to run smaller sp he could wear gerber newborn onesies a few weeks after birth.

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Re : what causes pitting adema and when to buy premie

Postby alexa5 » Sat Sep 18, 638945 5:33 pm

Agree about the NICU thing above...my son wore clothes the NICU provided while he was there, and it was better not to bring them in as most likely they could have gotten lost or confused with the NICU clothes. I did donate clothes to the NICU after my son outgrew his newborn, then his 0-3 mos, and even his 3-6 mos, as they could use all of those sizes (they have some babies that are in there a while and can use the bigger clothes). It was nice to give back after having had used donated clothes while he was in the NICU. You will have time to decide and buy more clothes. And in my case my sister bought some preemie clothes the moment she knew I was in the hospital to deliver early.

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Re : what causes pitting adema and when to buy premie

Postby korie » Wed Sep 08, 638945 7:06 am

As far as premie outfits, don't go crazy yet. If you do have your baby early, they will be in the NICU for a while so you will have time to go get some after he/she is born if you need them. Depending on how early they are, they probably won't be in clothes for a while. If the baby isn't that early, they have plenty of things at the hospital for them to wear. There were entire wardrobes of cute premie clothes to choose from when my son was there. Plus, anything you put on them in the hospital doesn't always come back to you. IT gets thrown in their laundry if they change them. Same with premie diapers, my son was very early and I don't know if I went through even one pack that wasn't given to me by the hospital. I was sent home with a lot of them.

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Re : what causes pitting adema and when to buy premie

Postby kellyo19 » Wed Sep 08, 638945 1:51 am

Nothing is for sure yet. You might be better off waiting until baby is born to decide what sizes you need for diapers and clothes. Usually the hospital will have the open box of diapers and wipes under the bassinet that just gets thrown away so you can take those home. If you really want to buy something - maybe a box of "N" newborn diapers and 1-2 newborn outfits as most babies will wear newborn for the first 2-4 wks or so.

While I didn't have PE with my son, I had a bad episode at 19 wks with high BPs and vision troubles, but started on work restrictions and by 30 wks was having wkly appts... made it to 37+5 with bedrest and lots of dr appts.

The edema may be from kidney troubles or being on your feet too long. Are you able to put your feet up and lay on your left side at home? The protein readings for dips will vary depending on your hydration levels. The 24-hr protein urine tests are much more accurate and hopefully you've started one of those to see where you're at.

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what causes pitting adema and when to buy premie

Postby smccarter18 » Tue Sep 07, 638945 10:41 pm

I started having symptoms at 24 weeks. At my last visit at 27 weeks I had +1 protein. Now I have pitting adema pretty bad. Is that caused by my kidneys too? Also my doctor said he hopes I make it to 32 weeks before he has to take the baby. I know that doesn't mean that I will have my baby early and if I do she will be in the nicu for several weeks but do you think it would be wise to stock up on premier stuff just incase?

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