Such a rollercoaster...

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Re : Such a rollercoaster...

Postby jenmatt1 » Fri Jul 23, 638945 4:36 am

I would bug the doctor- that is what they are there for- especially since we all know how quickly things can change with this disease. I would just rather err on the side of caution.

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Re : Such a rollercoaster...

Postby rachelc » Wed Jul 21, 638945 6:52 pm

I think that I would "bug" the doctor. It is her job to help you to know what you should do in these situations.

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Re : Such a rollercoaster...

Postby runninlola » Mon Jul 12, 638945 9:22 pm

I would definitely err on the safer side and go ahead and call the dr., that way you can breathe and relax knowing you made the call. Any pregnancy after PE is I am sure stressful enough, so do whatever you need to do to keep your anxiety and stress down. Even if that means "bugging" the heck out of your Dr., which I am sure you are not, and even if you are. Oh well!

Good luck! Best wishes!

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Such a rollercoaster...

Postby korie » Mon Jul 12, 638945 9:02 pm

I think the ups and downs of all of this are the worst part for me. One day I feel like I will make it full term, the next I am worried I will deliver this week. It goes back and forth every day. I stopped in and did a urine test (the new one that is more accurate than the 24 hour, not the dipstick) and I found out I have no protein in my urine. I am 25 weeks and 4 days. I know a few weeks ago someone told me that when my BP started to swing, it would settle high and that happened. Now I have another question, my BP has been dipping so low. I haven't had numbers this low since before my first pregnancy 4 years ago. Yesterday I didn't even want to take my evening meds because I was only 130/80. I did take them, just an hour late. Anyways, this morning at the clinic my BP was 110/64. That is SUPER low for me and not at all normal. Tonight, even after my pills, my BP is 150/106. Ugh. Now I don't know what to do. Do I call my doctor tomorrow? I feel like I am annoying her by bugging her for things that aren't important, especially after hearing today I have zero protein in my urine. Do I give it another day or two and see what my BP does before calling her? One day of a big swing may not mean anything. Thoughts?

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