Wondering about morning sickness

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Re : Wondering about morning sickness

Postby samarasmom » Sat Apr 14, 637032 6:19 pm

With all my preg I had hyperemisis. EVEN the 2 miscarraiges that I lost at 8 and 10 wks along but when the morning sickness went away I knew something was wrong and that i had lost the babies and tpld the docs, but for some reason it took them several days to confirm.

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Re : Wondering about morning sickness

Postby deerhart » Sat Apr 14, 637032 5:55 pm

On when your sick, I NEVER had morning sickness until week 12+,
With Alex it was 13-20 and with Mason it was just a little bit from 12-14.

With Alex even the thought of food made me sick.


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Re : Wondering about morning sickness

Postby sherry fisher » Sat Apr 14, 637032 5:49 pm

Ok, my 'non medical', personal experience! Sheesh....dont come after me with the keyboard keys....please! lol

I have 4...all of which were blessed with no morning sickness. I did have some neasea with a couple. Nothing severe and it did not last long. My mom has 3 of us. No PE with any. And she was the exact same. Some nasea...again, nothing severe. I on the other hand, had some form of PE, PIH throuout all my PG's. Her...healthy PG's.

I think there is a 'study' for everything. I think its very easy for that person doing that study to find something 'relavent' to what they are looking for, at some point throughout the course of the study.

***This is just my opinion!

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Re : Wondering about morning sickness

Postby kim » Sat Apr 14, 637032 5:30 pm

Here's my two cents...

I had hyperemesis gravidarum. On meds that chemo patients take until delivery at 36 weeks. I had one week of feeling "normal," and by six weeks, was admitted to the hospital... I can tell you that HG is dangerous for the mom and baby, especially 2nd trimester miscarriages. However, I do not know much about regular morning sickness... I think each body handles pregnancy and hormones differently...

Regular ms may be somewhat psychosomatic, but tell any HG'er that it's in their heads, and we're going to freak out...

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Re : Wondering about morning sickness

Postby angelical » Sat Apr 14, 637032 2:38 pm

I don't know about what links or suggestions there are with m/s and gender, miscarriage, whatever... All I know is that I had hyperemesis from about 10 weeks til about 25 weeks. (3 weeks before developing severe pree & HELLP) So, in thinking of (never) getting pregnant again, I am as worried about that as all of the pree stuff! :-P

(I had a boy.)

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Re : Wondering about morning sickness

Postby brazen » Sat Mar 10, 637032 4:00 pm

well, to throw a spanner in the works regarding the boy/girl thing i was sick as a dog from weeks 5-31 with ryan and this one (supposed to be a girl) i had a couple of weeks at 17-19 weeks. that's it!

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Re : Wondering about morning sickness

Postby laura » Wed Feb 29, 637032 5:39 am

Yup, yer nuts. I was vomiting before I even took a pregnancy test.. so psychosomatic isn't my thing, I don't think. I never have regular periods, so my only clue to take a HPT is the ceaseless throwing up, both times.

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Re : Wondering about morning sickness

Postby catherine » Wed Feb 29, 637032 4:10 am

Please don't flame me...... perhaps sometimes there is a psychosomatic component to morning sickness, in addition to all the hormonal elements. Last time around I didn't feel nauseous once, until I discovered that I was pregnant. So what? Well, for me personally, I'd have morning sickness worst in the 7-10 week period and this time, I didn't figure it out until I was almost 13 weeks..... Then I was more nauseous than ever before and it lasted longer... I was still vomiting at 20 weeks. This confirms for me... that I'm just nuts.

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Re : Wondering about morning sickness

Postby tammy » Wed Feb 29, 637032 1:30 am

I only had very little nausea with both my pregnancies. A girl at my work said "Little sickness means a boy." I am sure an old wives tale also but she said girls raise youy Hcg quicker and it makes you more sick. Who knows every pregnancy is different.


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Re : Wondering about morning sickness

Postby laura » Wed Feb 29, 637032 1:27 am

I totally agree suz- I don't think it means any more than what the studies say- that there is decreased incidence of early miscarriage- which to the preterm labor or repeat miscarriage folks might mean quite a bit.

Other than that, I don't think it means anything at all, or even anything after 20 weeks! I think, though, from a moderator's standpoint, I worry that we tend to discount things that we don't wish to believe or personally observe to be true, and I think that can work on an individual basis-- but I worry for women who will come across these discussions at a later point, and I always hope that we can call a spade a spade, ykwim? Be it diet, or supplements, or whatever--Whether it's good, bad, or ugly news we want people to be operating under the most accurate information we can provide.

DJA- I have read studies that indicate that high second trimester HCG levels are often found in women who will go on to develop preeclampsia- so in fact the opposite could be true- morning sickness in the second trimester (caused by the high hcg levels) could theoretically be a sign that preeclampsia is to come.

Still, I don't think a lack of morning sickness really does mean anything at all- other than what Suz said about how some people acclimate to the hormones easier than others do.

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