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Re : history of pre-e and HELLP elevated B/P at 25 week

Posted: Mon Feb 11, 638943 10:55 pm
by jamilyn
Hope your next 24 hour urine doesnt come back a lot higher... I would say they are just trying to play it safe by mentioning the shots. If you dont have a home automatic BP machine then if you can pick one up so you can keep track of it at home which will also help you know if you are just having a little stress/anxiety like a lot of us PE patients while at the Drs office. The urine and lab work though will be able to tell you a lot and im sure they will start to monitor it a little more along with U/S's at every visit (or every 3 weeks) if they arent already.
Best of luck

Re : history of pre-e and HELLP elevated B/P at 25 week

Posted: Fri Feb 01, 638943 1:10 pm
by kristal1213
thank you! your girls are beautiful. My doc just scares me when he talks about starting me an steroids. I assume if he does than he dose not think I will make it long enough for the babies lungs to mature on there own. That or maybe he just wants to be prepared in case things go bad fast like they did with my first one. I just hope that there will be little or no protein in my 24hr.

Re : history of pre-e and HELLP elevated B/P at 25 week

Posted: Fri Feb 01, 638943 12:56 pm
by rachelc
I am so sorry that you are going through this. I had PE/HELLP in my first pregnancy and delivered at 33 weeks. I had PE in my next pregnancy and delivered at 36 weeks. This last pregnancy I developed PE with elevated liver enzymes at 22 weeks. I was admitted to the hospital and was told that I may have to think about the possibility of terminating the pregnancy. Fortunately, my liver enzymes went back to normal on complete bedrest so I was able to continue the pregnancy until 33 weeks when I delivered. It is possible to still carry this pregnancy for a while.

I am not a doctor but, here are some thoughts of mine. Your bp is high but, it can be treated with medication. You are spilling protein but, it is not enough to give you a PE diagnosis yet and even if you were spilling over 300 mg/dl that alone would probably not be enough to warrant delivery. As long as you have not developed HELLP and the baby is still doing well, it is not likely that you will be delivered immediately. PE can develop quickly but, hopefully the bedrest and careful monitoring will help you get many more weeks out of this pregnancy.

history of pre-e and HELLP elevated B/P at 25 week

Posted: Fri Feb 01, 638943 10:37 am
by kristal1213
I am new hear. I had pre-e and HELLP with my Son,it was a sudden onset at 36 weeks and he was delivered by C section within 12 hrs. With my son I had no real warning. My legs where swelling, I did see spots once. I called the doc because I thought I had heartburn that would not go away. After trying antacids the doc told me to come in. As soon as I got there the staff took my Blood pressure and rushed from there.I had a lot of protein in my urine and my B/P was through the roof. The hooked me up to IVs and started Mag right away. I was not allowed to move off my left side not even to pee, they put in a foley. I was induced but due to non reassuring fetal heart tones I was taken into surgery. My son was born at 36 weeks, he was healthy but a little small 5lbs 2 oz. I was on mag for 24 hrs after delivery and they had to give me some other B/P meds as well not sure what I was completely out of it. I latter found out that the heartburn was not heartburn at all, my liver was not working and that was the toxins building up in my body.
I am now at 26 weeks with a little girl. Last week I went in to L and D due to elevated B/P the urine dip was 2+. they keep me and did a 24 hr urine I had 183 so they let me go home on bed rest. I went to the doc yesterday and B/P was 144/102 my doc said to stay on bed rest and do another 24 hr urine, if there is protein in my urine he said he would admit me and start me an steroids. so needless to say I am worried. It is to early for my little girl to get hear. Has anyone had a similar story and what was the outcome. Is there a chance I can still carry her close to full term? Or is a induction soon to come due to my history. What my doc said is it not if it will happen but when it will happen. any advice?