Baby #2: No underlying disorders & LDA Only

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Re : Baby #2: No underlying disorders & LDA Only

Postby jennieexpo » Sat Dec 29, 638942 3:08 pm

No underlying disorders here as well. I'm only 12 weeks and only on LDA. I'll let you know in a couple months how this hoes. I'm hoping it goes well and maybe pe free? We shall see!

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Re : Baby #2: No underlying disorders & LDA Only

Postby amandaoasis » Sat Dec 29, 638942 12:39 pm

I have no underlying disorders, no BP issues, and am only taking LDA (fish oil as well...sorry).

So far, we have made it over three weeks longer!

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Re : Baby #2: No underlying disorders & LDA Only

Postby jenmatt1 » Sat Dec 29, 638942 11:31 am

no underlying disorders, no GD, no bp issues outside of pregnancy. I had HELLP at week 34 1/2 with my daughter. I have only been on LDA and extra folic acid since about week 5 or 6 this pregnancy. I had 2 miscarriages in between pregnancy with my daughter and this one- but no cause of miscarriage found and I have no issues getting pregnant. This time, no miscarriage, I am almost at week 25 and blood pressure has been low with no issues in pregnancy. Hoping to make it to at least 36 weeks this time.

I hate taking any medications ever, but felt that the LDA was worth a try this time to try to help with miscarriage and PE/HELLP. I will never know if it really worked but for me it was worth a try.

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Re : Baby #2: No underlying disorders & LDA Only

Postby lilillini » Sat Dec 29, 638942 6:05 am

I had a repeat performance with #2. No underlying disorders, no chronic hypertension, no GD, and LDA from early in the first trimester. I was able to make it to 34 weeks whereas I delivered my first at 32 weeks, but I had severe symptoms starting at 28ish weeks with #2. The big difference was that I didn't spill a significant amount of protein with #2 like I did with #1.

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Baby #2: No underlying disorders & LDA Only

Postby riehlism » Sat Dec 29, 638942 3:22 am

I think I've bounced similar questions around, but never really asked specifically about only those who used LDA.

Can any of you share your results of Baby #2, only using Low Dose/Baby Aspirin? This question is directed to those of you who do not have underlying clotting disorders, hypertension, OR gestational diabetes.

Thank you all!

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