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Postby caryn » Thu Feb 16, 637032 7:05 pm

Hello everyone. I've been lurking here for a while and am starting to think about a subsequent pregnancy which has pushed me out of the woodwork. [:)] So here's my story.

My son was "supposed" to be born at home. At my 33 week midwife appointment my bp was 130/80 with trace protein. We thought I just hadn't gotten a clean catch, but she did instruct me to take it easy. Although we set up a 35 week appointment, I ended up transferring care a week later because I woke up swollen and peeing bubbles. On borrowing my mom's bp cuff I got a reading of 220/116 -- just a wee bit high...

So I was admitted and triaged and bolused and monitored and dripped and drugged and shot, and after 24 hours my catch had come back at 17000 and I was +3 with a beat of clonus, and after 48 hours on mag and labatelol and on my left side DS had stopped bothering to move or practice breathe and had started having heart decels, so we stopped trying to do an induction and went to the emergent c-section.

DS spent only a week in NICU and is now a thriving 20 month old and is of course the sweetest toddler ever.

The risk factors I had were family history of hypertension and first baby. The PIH specialist I saw in the hospital said that I had a 15% chance of recurrence.

I'm looking forward to participating in this forum.

DS Oscar born 10/20/02 at 34 weeks, rapid-onset severe PE

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