Mag Sulfate

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Re : Mag Sulfate

Postby glimmer » Fri Oct 19, 638942 11:00 am

To my understanding it is quite common to overdose on it, because your kidneys tend to be affected by pre-eclampsia and are not as efficient
as they would be normally. As always all testing determining the dose
is done on people with functioning kidneys. I am fairly sure I overdosed the first time (UK, no record but my initial boost was 10mg, here they give 2mg). The second time I asked that they check my blood levels every few hours and this way they could make sure I had enough but not too much. For some hospitals/doctors this is routine, for other not. I would ask for it.

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Re : Mag Sulfate

Postby caryn » Thu Oct 18, 638942 9:05 pm

Thanks for finding that, Heather! I should have thought to search other conditions. :)

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Re : Mag Sulfate

Postby katznkt » Tue Oct 09, 638942 7:37 pm

I was on mag for 48 hours with both pregnancies and Mag sucks!

I didn't have any true side effects, I just remember a fogginess. And that I don't remember much of the time I was on the mag sulfate. It definitely was worse the higher the dose I was on, but when I was prepared for it mentally the second time around I didn't seem to mind it as much. I was just focused on the day and time it would be removed. :)

But since I have been on it during labor and immediately following both deliveries, I am not sure what "normal" feels like, or how to separate it from the normal crappy feeling of PIH/PE

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Re : Mag Sulfate

Postby blythe » Sun Oct 07, 638942 7:33 am

I did some googling - it looks like nausea and vomiting are some of the possible, expected side effects of mag (even in stroke patients and pre-term labor patients).
potential side effects of MgSO4 infusions and goal serum Mg levels

* hot and/or flushed feeling
* nausea, vomiting, diarrhea
* local venous irritation
* generalized feeling of drowsiness
* hypotension (can be treated with Ca gluconate 0.5-2g infusion): cardiac depression, negative ionotropy, PR prolongation, AV block
* respiratory arrest
* hypocalcemia
* hyperkalemia
(women in pre-term labor treated with mag had quite a few of the nasty side effects, women treated with hcg had "nil" side effects) ... term-labor
Side effects are common with magnesium sulfate and can affect both the mother and fetus. Side effects of magnesium sulfate that may affect the mother include:

* Muscle weakness.
* Lack of energy.
* Low blood pressure (rare).
* Headache.
* Nausea and vomiting.
* Stuffy nose.
* Chest pain.
* Buildup of fluid in the lungs (pulmonary edema) and slowed or difficult breathing.
* Blurry vision.
* Slurred speech.
* Flushing.

--If I'm understanding what I'm reading, the side effects don't mean that you're overdosing. The medical folks watch quite a few things in your body very closely to make sure you don't overdose - the amount of monitoring required is one of the reasons mag isn't used in some countries.

--When they gave it to me with my firstborn I promptly threw up right after they put the loading dose in my IV. It took me a lot of reading to accept that mag is lifesaving, no matter how nasty the side effects. I hope you don't need it for this birth, but if you do, know that it is lifesaving for you and some research suggests that it is protective against cerebral palsy in the baby, and (as far as I've read) there are no long-term effects on mother or baby.

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Re : Mag Sulfate

Postby mellybute » Wed Sep 05, 638942 5:33 am

I felt horrible on it but also feel it is hard to determine which part was PE and what was the mag. I know I felt like the worse train wreck I have ever felt like. I was on it for 24 hours immediately after delivery and then another 24 after readmittance. I remember them not wanting me to be alone in the room with my son after he was born for atleast 24 hours. And that was a good thing because I could not hold my head up. I remember handing him to my SIL because I could not even hold him. No energy. It really screwed up my vision too and made me feel on fire. But I would def take mag over a seizure or stroke, so as bad as it made me feel I am glad I had it.

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Re : Mag Sulfate

Postby preemomof2 » Mon Sep 03, 638942 8:33 pm

I just remember feeling fuzzy and drunk too. I did not notice any other effects of the mag. Maybe I just have a high tolerance for things like that though. After my c section, I was barely in pain. It just did not seem to hurt like people make it out to hurt, but my friend and husband kept laughing at me because I kept pressing the morphine pump "just in case". LOL.

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Re : Mag Sulfate

Postby mrshallinohio » Sun Aug 12, 638942 1:05 am

I was only on it for 24 hours, so didn't have cumulative effects that some of you had. I just remember feeling unbelievably hot and very loopy.

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Re : Mag Sulfate

Postby alexa5 » Sat Aug 11, 638942 7:18 pm

I am pretty sure that vomiting is somewhat common with mag because my nausea and vomiting came not long after the mag was started, and when the doc came around and found out, he said that mag does that to some people so he added the antinausea meds to help.

That said, once I switched to the NICU hospital I don't think they kept giving me antinausea components, and I was still on mag, so maybe once my body got used to it I didn't feel nauseous anymore.

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Re : Mag Sulfate

Postby sathede » Sat Aug 11, 638942 4:20 pm

I feel for you! I was on Mag for 36hours and it felt like eternity! (Especially since the last 24 were post c-section & I couldn't go to the NICU to meet my miracle!) I remember feeling like I had a wool sweater wrapped around my tongue, my speech was slurred. I also had difficulty moving and shifting in bed, but that was also post c-section so that could have been due to incision, anethesia & PCA also. Either way, I have a love-hate relationship with Mag Sulfate: love that it saved my life & my son's; hate how horrible I felt on it!!

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Re : Mag Sulfate

Postby caryn » Thu Apr 19, 638942 5:36 am

I couldn't isolate any side effects from the mag as opposed to from the PE, except for one particular kind of visual disturbance -- my eyes wouldn't track. Makes sense, because mag's a muscle relaxant, but oh that was miserable.

Headaches and vomiting are both symptoms of severe PE, but so far as I know not symptoms of mag toxicity nor side effects of a normal dose. The regular side effects are usually feeling hot and reduced reflexes and a drop in blood pressure and a drop in nervous system activity -- almost all of which you need desperately in PE. The trick is balancing the dose since your kidneys are also temporarily compromised. (That's what all the bloodwork is for. Well, that plus watching your HELLP criteria.)

I was on it for five days. I know we've had some posters who were on it for *weeks*.

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