do I have pre-eclampsia or not?

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Re : do I have pre-eclampsia or not?

Postby alsgirl2002 » Sun Dec 13, 638939 3:40 am

You may not have to deliver with mag. I didn't have to have it. I was admitted for induction at 37w with BPs at 155/95 and once they started the induction, my BP came down nicely so no mag. My pre-e came on slowly with spikey (labile) BPs initially diagnosed as PIH. I'm not sure if I ever had protein. My dr was ultra conservative and diagnosed pre-e as a combination of any 2 pre-e symptoms. I think your case is somewhat typical from what I've been reading here, some women's labs go from bad to good to bad again. Just know that it can go from ok to bad quickly, so know the symptoms to look for and don't hesitate to call your dr.

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Re : do I have pre-eclampsia or not?

Postby glimmer » Sun Dec 13, 638939 12:58 am

I think that bedrest cannot stop preeclampsia if you have it. I can lower the proteinurea, but that doesn't mean you get better.
For some, especially chronic hypertensives, it can lower BP, but in general it doesn't. We often get put on bedrestm because the doctors don't
what what else to do. I don't think you have to feel bad, if you are up sometimes. What are your pressures like? I am also surprised that you don't have to weekly labs, which is normal after a preeclampsia diagnosis. I also had creeping preeclampsia, which luckily didn't get worse in months
(but turned severe during delivery). Preeclampsia can turn severe very quickly, so it's good that you are being watched.
But you might hold out until you are full term. Ask as many questions at your appointments as possible. E.g. in which scenarios you will need mag and in which not. All the best.

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Re : do I have pre-eclampsia or not?

Postby lespsu » Tue Dec 01, 638939 4:04 pm

My first 24 hour catch was right at 300 also. I had a few after that there were below 300 (even down to trace) while on bedrest, but my doc told me that once diagnosed, I stayed diagnosed, even if everything got better or disappeared with bedrest.

Some of us are lucky and have what I think of as creeping pre-e. I was able to go 8 weeks after diagnosis before delivering. It was rough, though. It always felt like I was just waiting for the other shoe to drop. Laying in bed essentially waiting to get worse was psycholgically far more difficult than I could have imagined before hand. By the end I felt lousy all the time and was in and out of the hospital, but I was able to do most of the bedrest at home and I was thrilled to get to 37 weeks before delivering. My doctors were great- cautious even when I was doing well and really willing to work with me.

Although I didn't get to do the VBAC I wanted, I was able to avoid the mag for delivery. Although we had a bit of a rocky start for both of us (I got worse after delivery and she had probelms with jaundice so we both spent extra time in the hospital), there doesn't seem to have been any long term adverse effects for either of us so far.

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Re : do I have pre-eclampsia or not?

Postby breannesmith55 » Tue Dec 01, 638939 4:27 am

My protein levels cut in half after 4 days of hospital bed rest. Caryn explain that "its harder for protein to fall sideways" and meds stabilized my pre e. Everything came back worse a week later. Bed rest helps some, but I agree w/ Jasmin, be aware.

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Re : do I have pre-eclampsia or not?

Postby riehlism » Sat Nov 21, 638939 11:55 am

Sadly that's how my PE started. I had no symptoms, except elevated BP. I had 324 of protein, but fell below 300. I was in the hospital for a week and stable. Then within hours my labs started to come back abnormal and I had to deliver that night. It sounds like you're in a good position. Just be aware of any changes, especially if you even start to feel "off." Take is easy and be an advocate for yourself.

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Re : do I have pre-eclampsia or not?

Postby meely » Sat Nov 21, 638939 3:19 am

300 is the "threshold" for the Protein. I was put on bedrest for both this pregnancy & my last for protein coming in at over 300 (just 339 this time). My BP's were fine unless I went to the doctor (they actually have a note in my chart to let me sit for a few minutes and decompress if they want a more accurate reading as I have white coat issues, lol). My protein levels went down BECAUSE of the bedrest. The protein is absolutely a symptom of Pre-e. You are blessed that yours, like mine, is still mild. However, that said, while my bp's had been stable/normal while at home on bedrest, the last couple of weeks they were bouncing around and while still considered "normal" they are above where they have been for the last 7 weeks (they seem to have settled there, now, for the time being). Thankfully, I am 34 weeks and only have 3 weeks to get to the "safe/term" zone.

I am surprised, if your bp's are stable/normal (perhaps because of the meds, though), that they are telling you that you will have to labor with the mag - I did not have to with my last one. I was induced at 37/38 weeks and while my numbers went up (and I was threatened with it if they kept going up), they went back down after I caved in and got the epidural (those scare me!). I delivered a couple of hours later, though, so who knows.

Hope this helps!

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do I have pre-eclampsia or not?

Postby muddygrl » Sat Nov 21, 638939 3:02 am

I was put on modified bed rest at 28 weeks due to "slightly" elevated bp. They did pre-eclampsia labs, cbc, cmp, uric acid and 24 hour. They said they were just being extra cautious and thought it was just my blood pressure creeping up since I felt find, and I only had slight swelling in my legs from being on my feet all day at work.
My labs came back all normal, liver enzymes, white count, platelets, all normal, EXCEPT protein was 300mg, right at the cut off for diagnosis of pre-eclampsia. Upon finding this out they said that I would need to stay on modified bedrest and get steroid injects for the baby's lung. I have been on bed rest ever since. 2 weeks after the first labs, we repeated them, and they again were all normal, but this time the protein had gone down to 180mg.
Anyway, I am on bp meds and my bp is staying stable. At my last ob visit my midwife said I would need magnesium sulfate during deliver if I have pre-eclampsia.... I wasn't sure I heard right.. "IF" So I asked her, and she said NO I was not officially diagnosed with pre-eclampsia, since my protein levels weren't high enough, that they were just calling it hypertension for now... (I assume staying on bed rest is due to my bp but ALSO as a precaution to keep pre-eclampsia from developing or getting worse...) But now my question is... Being that my protein was 300mg and is now down to 180mg, but everything else was normal, I have no symptoms, (and never have).. does this mean I never had pre-eclampsia to begin with ? Or that I did/do but the protein levels are just better because of bed rest. Is it possible to have 300mg of protein and not actually have pre-eclampsia? Or do I basically have it but it is just not advancing/progressing quickly? They have not repeated the labs again.
I am now at week 5 of bed rest (so it's been 3 weeks since my last labs), I always worry that somehow I am making things worse when I am on my feet for short periods, or that maybe I am still doing too much. My midwife said I am doing great, my bp looks really good and baby is growing at the same rate she was 3 weeks ago, still in the 62%percentile...

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