Shingles Question???

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Re : Shingles Question???

Postby tree » Fri Oct 16, 638939 2:41 pm

I have been lucky enough to have shingles 3 times this summer, and the first two were before my daughter was vaccinated for chicken pox. She hasn't gotten it from me yet. The household (close contact) retransmission rate for shingles to chicken pox is something like 10% of unvaccinated people. Shingles is not nearly as contagious as chicken pox, and you can't catch shingles from someone else. You could catch chicken pox from a person with shingles if you haven't had it already, but you need direct contact with the rash while it is oozing and gross. This is easily prevented with good handwashing and clothes. If your grandmother has had this for a while, she is probably past the contagious stage anyway. It lasts for about a week until the blisters crust over.
If you are nervous about it, pass on the hug. My daughter's pediatrician did vaccinate her during round 2 of the shingles, but he said it wouldn't be a terrible thing if she caught it then anyway. Little ones can have mild cases without too many complications. She used to like to touch my rash before I figured out what it was. Babies are sweet that way... I wasn't pregnant, so that advice probably doesn't apply in your situation.

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Re : Shingles Question???

Postby glimmer » Fri Oct 16, 638939 2:15 pm

Definitely check with your doctor.
Even of you had chicken pox, there is a considerable re-occurrance rate.

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Re : Shingles Question???

Postby sarah0381 » Fri Oct 16, 638939 9:06 am

My grandma had shingles during my last pregnancy and her doc told her that she should not be near daughter already got the chicken pox vaccine so he wasn't too worried about her. I would call your ob and ask them just to be sure though.

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Re : Shingles Question???

Postby alsgirl2002 » Fri Oct 16, 638939 8:00 am

Shingles is a form of chicken pox. I don't know if shingles is contagious like chicken pox, but chicken pox is dangerous while pg. My girlfriend who was pg had to be quarantined from her daughter who was sick with chicken pox. I would call your dr on this.


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Shingles Question???

Postby jennieexpo » Thu Oct 15, 638939 7:14 am

Hey Ladies! Well here's the scoop my husbands grandmother has had shingles for awhile now( due to stress most likely). I think they might be just on the sides of her stomach but not certain. Well my husband's uncle is having a big retirement party from the army this Saturday in Pa. So all the family will be there but I'm kinda nervous about the shingles thing:/ My son is almost 15 mos. old and I'll be 8 weeks pregnant. Could her having shingles effect my and/ or my son's health? I know she'll wanna hold him and hug me and etc.. and I just want to make sure we'll be fine. If any of you have any advice or info please let me know! I haven't asked the dr. yet but plan to tomorrow. Thanks ladies! :)

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