question for anyone or science chicks!

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Re : question for anyone or science chicks!

Postby alviarin » Wed Apr 11, 638936 3:52 am

I don't know about APA levels and ivig therapy, but hypothyroidism is a risk factor for both preeclampsia and miscarriage. Treatment may lower risks, and it is recommended to get the TSH below 2.5 mIU/L pre-conception.

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Re : question for anyone or science chicks!

Postby nbjazmin » Tue Apr 10, 638936 11:21 am

Hi Glimmer,
IVIG is a medicine usually used for hiv, cancer, and differenty types of illnesses but also used off label in patients that have possible immunne disorders and unexplained pregnancy losses. It seems to allow implantation that often wouldn't occur or prevent the mom from aborting the fetus.
I also had a subchorionic hematoma in my first trimester which I have been reading about and it's correlalation to PE,PIH and Placental abruption....
It's very very interesting. Thank your input.
Had I been informed about the subchorionic hematoma connection to PE and PIH, I probably would have asked for baseline tests and have been monitored more carefully. I am 47 but one of my Drs. told me I was behaving medabolically like a 20 year old, until this happened.
More reason to press for MFMS docs or high risk obs....they just kept telling me I was fine, until now, which I guess I was.
Thank you!

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Re : question for anyone or science chicks!

Postby glimmer » Tue Apr 10, 638936 5:53 am

Okay I am not a resident science chick, but I think it goes that way.
IF you have an underlying condition such as hashimotos thyroid, chronic hypertension or kidney disease, you have an increased risk for PE. However, having PE does not necessarily mean there is an underlying condition. But - it can unmask an underlying condition, e.g. if you are not back to normal after at 6months PP. I believe, IVF and APA elevated puts you at an increased risk for PE as well. However, having underlying conditions doesn't mean that you will get it, only that your risk is higher. As for the MC, I think it's not clear if there is a direct link, but an underlying condition, e.g. a clotting disorder, will increase your risk for both MC and PE indepedently. Good luck and it seems you are in good care.
- Oh what is ivig?

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question for anyone or science chicks!

Postby nbjazmin » Fri Mar 30, 638936 1:00 pm

It's me again. I am having high pressures, a little protein, some headaches....but here is my question.

I have antiphospholipid elevation. Not syndrome as it began after my pregnancy in about the 5th week. I did ivig for 2 rounds, 1 before transfer (ivf) and 1 after a postive pregnancy test. My APA results have not been normal for 2 straight months so I am continuing on lovenox and baby aspirin.
I also have hashimotos thyroid which is another immune issue that I have had for a long time.
With these issues and a history of unexplained miscarriage, is there a connection? I know preeclampsia may be an autoimmune issue as well.

I guess it doesnt really matter but it has me thinking.

Thank you.


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