Still dealing with bp after pih/hellp

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Re : Still dealing with bp after pih/hellp

Postby mrss » Sun Dec 04, 638935 4:00 pm

My BP was still high at my 6 week PP check and it was still fluctuating wildly. My OB/GYN told me the pregnancy had probably 'unmasked' chronic hypertension and told me to see my regular doctor. I saw my Family Physician and he told me I was having rebound syndrome from the Labetolol. I was still on a 3 dose a day schedule, but with a new baby I kept forgetting to take the afternoon dose at a regular time. He switched me to long acting Inderol (safe for BF) and I immediately felt better. The fluctuations stopped and the aching, sore muscles and fatigue went away. He gradually had me decrease the meds over the next several months and my pressures stayed low. I lost the last of the pregnancy weight at 11 months PP and my BP was fine without meds. I have borderline pressures when I'm not pregnant and I really believe regular exercise and keeping my weight at a healthy BMI are key to not having to take medicine all the time. I certainly have a family tendency for hypertension--my mom, my dad and my younger sister all have it. You have to get the pressures under control first, though, and then work on a reasonable exercise and weight loss plan. It certainly doesn't happen overnight.

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Re : Still dealing with bp after pih/hellp

Postby katznkt » Sat Dec 03, 638935 5:34 pm

Just wanted to add to give yourself time! Don't go on a crazy diet or exercise plan (like you could right now, ha!). My bp was still high after birth and took almost 5 months to drop down to perfect. I didn't do anything special... and I still need to lose 50lbs! My bp was perfect before pregnancy and I was distressed thinking it would be forever high.

So give yourself time to go back to normal. And hopefully consulting with a specialist will help. And hopefully you will lose weight gradually as you heal, the baby heals and gets older.

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Re : Still dealing with bp after pih/hellp

Postby amandared07 » Wed Nov 23, 638935 8:15 am

When I went for my 4 week check up after I had my son at 32 weeks due to PE- my bp was fine. Then I started taking birth control. At my next OB appointment... approx 8 months later- she said that my BP was a little high. She also switched my Birth Control because I told her it gave me headaches. So I was on my new BC when I went to the regular doc to have him check my bp. (BTW the new BC still gave me headaches) He said my BP was high and that I needed to lose 7-8 lbs withing 4 months or he was going to put me on High BP meds. DH and I decided for me to stop taking my BC seeing as how it still gave me headaches and we were planning on trying for another one soon any way. My BP has been normal ever since. To think- they were going to put me on BP meds because some other meds made my BP go up.

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Re : Still dealing with bp after pih/hellp

Postby l412angel » Sat Nov 12, 638935 7:41 pm

I quote exactly what Alexa said. Also you may want to try to see a cardiologist! :)

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Re : Still dealing with bp after pih/hellp

Postby mellybute » Fri Nov 11, 638935 2:45 pm

My story is very similiar to yours. I had never had any bp issues either, not even with my first pregnancy, until I was admitted at 37 weeks with my last pregnancy. I am 11 months pp now and now take 20mg Benicar which controls mine very well. It is not safe to take while prego or breastfeeding though. I was released on 4 bp meds after readmittance into ICU and the good news is I am now down to one med with NO SIDE EFFECTS :-)

I have also been told by my internist to lose weight and get my BMI at or below 25. It is currently 32 *sigh*

I had terrible side effects from Labetelol like the fuzzy scalp and head tingling thing. It made me tired also.

The way it has been explained to me is that my PE experience has brought out my genetic tendency to have chronic hypertension. and although it was very hard for me to accept for awhile, I have. Atleast I can take a pill and go about my day and not worry.

I agree with Alexa, getting a cardiologist or internist involved is key when it comes to pp high bp. They are much more comfortable with switching meds, adjusting doses, etc.

Hang in there mama and CONGRATULATIONS on your new little one!!!

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Re : Still dealing with bp after pih/hellp

Postby alexa5 » Fri Nov 11, 638935 12:57 pm

Labetalol alone didn't work for me PP, so my doctor added HCTZ, and that did the trick. It is a diuretic, so it also helps with swelling (if some of your weight is that, you will lose a few pounds :-). It is safe for breastfeeding. Perhaps ask your doctor if you can give that a try with the Labetalol, as it does work for many people. I know it is frustrating now, but your body will normalize eventually!

Editing to add that a cardiologist or internist or usually your best bets for dealing with bp after delivery. The OB usually doesn't specialize in that area, but some GP's are able to deal with it.

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Still dealing with bp after pih/hellp

Postby amos » Fri Nov 11, 638935 12:47 pm

I delivered 7 1/2 weeks ago. I was 30 weeks. Baby was 2lbs 14oz. She is doing awesome! She now weighs 6lbs 6oz and is home(on oxygen/monitor). I am very thankful for her great health and growth. I on the other hand havent had such a great few weeks. This all started out of the blue, I went to my regular dr. appt. at 29 weeks and they rushed my to the hospital with a bp of 216/123, spilling protein of 2. When I got to the hospital they could not get the bp under control and I was delivered c-section 3 days later and right at 30weeks. After delivery my bp didnt go down and I started into the hellp syndrome with kidney failure also. I spent 5 more days with high bp, but my other counts started coming back up. They had me on labetalol,hydralazine. They were not working, dr. finally put me on procardia and my bp came down enough to get released 2 days after that. I was sent home on 25mg hydralazine, 300 lebatalol, and 10mg procardia. After two weeks on that my bp dropped to low. He took my off everything but the lebatalol. That didnt work my bp started spiking back up in the 160's/100's. He told me to take a procardia if that happened. I have horrible side effects with the procardia(congestion so bad I cant breathe,headache,dizziness) Went to my regular dr. after ob said he could do no more for me. Regular Dr. had blood work done,said kidney and liver were fine. I am almost 8 weeks after delivery and pumping breast milk. I cant seem to find a combo of these 3 drugs that work and I can handle the effects of. I stopped taking everything 2 days ago after the procardia/hydralazine 1 p a day and 2 hydra a day made me drop to low. Now my bp is hovering around 130/100. My active heart rate has been great but my diastolic has only lowered to 88 with a high of 103. I was told to lose 30lbs. I just had a csection, have a baby just home from the nicu, How do I lose 30lbs?!?!?! I dont know what to do at this point, I feel like my dr's view is that I am just fat and need to lose weight, but bp was great before pegnancy and great up to 29weeks. I feel so frustrated with not gettin answer from drs. My dr by the way didnt even know what hellp was and ob didnt seem to want to deal with my after release from hospital. I am still having vaginal bleeding, but was told that was normal, even after 8weeks. Is there anything I can tell the dr or ask him to do to get the help I need to get this figured out? I go back to him in a week. Thank you so much for this forum and site!

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