Im overdue

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Re : Im overdue

Postby brandi101 » Wed Aug 12, 638933 8:55 am

i still have not had my baby and when they done the ultrasound on tuesday he did not move alot so they hooked me up to the nst machine and had me there for 15 mins then sent me home i told them that i would like to be induced but they said not yet they would not do it and my bp is good but i have been leaking a little bit of fluids i go back on friday and i see a doctor that i have seen more in this pregnancy than with the others and i feel as if he will induce me i sure hope so i am just so worried that something is going to happen i have tried to walk and drink ginger tea but that has done nothing either i will update again after the doctors appt which i also have another ultrasound that day

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Re : Im overdue

Postby katznkt » Mon Aug 10, 638933 11:35 am

My doctors (bp aside) said that Max they would let me go to is 42 weeks. That used to be normal. Now they are finding that as the placenta ages and the fluid decreases there are possible problems (not likely, but the possible problem percentage goes up with age past due date). So now most of the time they try to induce by about 41 weeks. If bp wasn't an issue I think I would be okay going to 42 weeks- as hard as it would be to wait. But not with any kind of bp or pe problem- no way.

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Re : Im overdue

Postby brandib » Fri Jul 31, 638933 6:19 pm

...........Still pregnant???

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Re : Im overdue

Postby rebeccac » Wed Jul 08, 638933 10:56 pm

I would park myself at L&D and raise a stink! I honestly can't believe your doctor is doing this. Good luck.

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Re : Im overdue

Postby jenmatt1 » Wed Jul 08, 638933 3:23 pm

mine said we were not most likely going past 38 weeks at most because they weren't taking any chances. I think it is wonderful you have gone full term but not sure you get any additional benefit to the baby by not inducing now. It is not worth any additional risks at this point to not deliver.

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Re : Im overdue

Postby missgamecock » Wed Jul 08, 638933 9:02 am

Mine were not even going to let me go past 37 weeks even if everything was completely ok. Basically they felt as soon as it was safe and they were term, out they were coming. I would be harassing my doc's office. You have good medical indication to be delivered!!!!!

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Re : Im overdue

Postby brockner1 » Wed Jul 08, 638933 4:23 am

I agree with others too...

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Re : Im overdue

Postby l412angel » Sat Jun 27, 638933 11:58 am

I 100% agree with the others!

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Re : Im overdue

Postby anonpreemiemom » Sat Jun 27, 638933 4:18 am

Totally agree with Alison. My Ob said IF we wanted to go past our due date we could go to 41 weeks but they would start NSTs after 40 weeks just tomake sure baby is okay. And that is with things going really well right now (ie no BP problems and no pre-e at 39 weeks).

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Re : Im overdue

Postby lilillini » Fri Jun 26, 638933 11:17 pm

I think with your history, it's more than reasonable to request induction since you are past your due date. Have you let your doc know you don't want to wait until July 14th (wouldn't that be almost 43 weeks??)?

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