What exactly does LDA do?

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Re : What exactly does LDA do?

Postby jmom08 » Mon Jun 01, 638933 10:43 pm

I'm not sure. I know that they checked my platelets before giving me the epidural for the c-section, but I wasn't clear if it was only because I'd been on heparin until a few days before, or if the LDA was an issue as well. I think I remember reading on the forums (may want to do searches in older posts) about someone being advised to stop LDA before delivery. I was advised to stay on LDA up through delivery. My OB also advised I'd probably need to stay on it for life b/c of my clotting disorder.

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What exactly does LDA do?

Postby jean » Wed Apr 29, 638933 10:57 pm

I know it thins your blood..does it do anything to platelets as well?

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