Hello, new, having a hard time

This section is for discussions with other women who have probably been through the same signs/symptoms that you may be experiencing. Please note, we cannot offer medical advice and encourage members to discuss their concerns with their doctors. New members, come on in and introduce yourself!
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Re : Hello, new, having a hard time

Postby mellybute » Sun Dec 21, 638932 9:03 pm

I wanted to say I am so sorry for your losses of your children. My heart aches for you. Welcome to the forums. The ladies here are wonderful!!! Sending good pregnancy vibes your way for a healthy delivery for mama and baby :-)

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Re : Hello, new, having a hard time

Postby annes » Thu Dec 11, 638932 8:48 am

Catherine, Hi and welcome to the forums, although I am really sorry that you had to find us. I am so sorry about the losses of your precious kids. Having gone through a pregnancy after losing my son who was born at 25 weeks, and lived only four days, I can tell you that there was no fun in being pregnant. A few sporadic moments of joy here and there, but never any true relaxation until my daughter was born and was ok. I hope you find some support and comfort around here :).

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Re : Hello, new, having a hard time

Postby caryn » Wed Dec 10, 638932 7:52 am

You have every right in the world to be having a hard time, and we will all keep you company through it. These subsequent pregnancies are nailbiters.

Welcome to the forums. :)

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Re : Hello, new, having a hard time

Postby l412angel » Mon Dec 01, 638932 12:58 am

First I am so sorry for the losses of your precious children. I share your pain in stillbirth. I am so glad you have two other children to help you through these hard times.

As for the gabapentin...are you on that for a prior condition?

I am sending you good pregnancy vibes for a long healthy pregnancy!

I have to ask where in WI you live? I grew up there so did my husband.

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Re : Hello, new, having a hard time

Postby cosmogirl4056 » Sat Nov 29, 638932 11:53 pm

i could not imagine what you have gone through...it shows u are very strong and you will make it through this. there are many people here who can help you out and support you! i am from a small amish town in indiana....so i know just how the rural living goes and it is a great place to raise kids...i know you are scared but you will be just fine and we will be here to help you!

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Re : Hello, new, having a hard time

Postby timelessbeauty » Sat Nov 29, 638932 9:56 pm

I am willing to help hold your hand during this pregnancy and talk with you. I was born in Wisconsin and live just south of you now in Indiana. While I can't say I know what your experiences were like completely, I did watch my first husband die in my arms from a heart attack/seizure combination and I lost a son due to severe preeclampsia and HELLP syndrome. I have taken the lovenox and/or heparin shots during my last three pregnancies. I am a 5 time PE survivor and have 4 children ages 15,6,5, and 18 months. I work full time during the day at a university helping with grants for our research areas. My heart absolutely breaks to read of your losses. You have a great strength about you and I would be happy to call you friend. Much love and many hugs. Welcome to the forums!

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Re : Hello, new, having a hard time

Postby pennyg » Sat Nov 29, 638932 9:18 pm

I just want to welcome you to the forum. This is such a wonderful place for knowledge and support!
I am so so sorry for your losses. I lost my 1st daughter to SIDS many years ago so I do know the unbearable pain of losing a baby.{{{HUGS}}}
Sounds like you are being closely monitored this pregnancy, which is wonderful.

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Hello, new, having a hard time

Postby agiledarby » Sat Nov 29, 638932 7:20 pm

Hello all. I am grateful that this board is out here.
I have suffered a loss at 34 weeks, placental abruption, and lost my baby girl Olivia. Thi happened late 2009,
It was like being in a war- I had high blood pressure (110/190) for 5 days after never having BP diastolic above 80. The midwives kept saying it was OK, maybe we would do a stress test next week. I almost died- cortical blindness, gained 11 pounds in two days, and of course, the horrible stillbirth.
My husband was in his last semester of college (we are 34) and somehow he managed to pull it together and graduate with honors. He graduated in Engineering from a major University, so this was not easy.
This is the second child I have lost- I lost a 7 year old daughter in a car accident 6 years ago- a teenager broadsided us, and my daughter died in my arms.
My ability to carry on come from my two living children, a son age 9 and a daughter age 5.

I am a rural living type of person- I grow food, raise goats and chickens, have my ponies, and my username comes from my agility dog, Darby, a pup I bought after the stillbirth because I was going crazy. i live in rural WI and dig the eating local movement, raising my kids with compassion and respect, and trying to improve myself in general.

I am 19 weeks today. THis is my 8th pregnancy and I am in a high state of anxiety constantly- I still take gabapentin- an antiseizure drug- so am worried about that.

My stomach has bruises fro Lovenox injections- I was diagnosed with MTRFR deletion as well as a anticardiolipin antibodies, so am taking blood thinners by shot and aspirin by mouth. Oh, and folic acid and fish oil etc. Sometimes in the morning I feel like dumping all my meds into a cereal bowl and pouring milk over it.

It's rough- I have a wonderful doctor and perinatal team. But I am still going in for heartbeats every week just due to not trusting that I can have a healthy complete pregnancy after my losses.

I will be dodging in and out- I am a fulltime working mom but am dropping my hours down to parttime next month. I work in the research industry for a lab that is finding cures for genetic types of breast cancers.

I look forward to meeting you and hopefully making some friends that can hold my hand through this.

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