How long did your BP stay elevated?

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Re : How long did your BP stay elevated?

Postby mellybute » Wed Sep 10, 638932 12:24 am

I am 10 months and still on one bp med. Never had high bp before the day I turned 37 weeks this last pregnancy.

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Re : How long did your BP stay elevated?

Postby alexa5 » Thu Jun 22, 638930 6:10 am

I didn't wean off meds completely until 8 mos, but I suspect I was probably fine at 3 mos.

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Re : How long did your BP stay elevated?

Postby l412angel » Sat Jun 10, 638930 4:07 am

I was discharged on meds with bps of 140/90 (ON MEDS) PRE pregnancy I was 100/70...5 days later I was readmitted with BPs 178/135! It took 6 weeks for me to be weaned off meds. and I would say a good 2 months for me to have normal bp's without any spikes. Once I was weaned off I still had some spiked here and there for a few weeks.

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Re : How long did your BP stay elevated?

Postby caryn » Wed May 31, 638930 6:13 am

I was discharged on meds, was still running 150/90 at my six week postpartum checkup, and weaned off of them at 4-5 months postpartum.

These days I run 110/70 unless I'm ill, when it spikes to 130/80.

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Re : How long did your BP stay elevated?

Postby rosalinda » Wed May 31, 638930 6:10 am

After being discharged with bp's in the 140's/90's had to be readmitted 3 days later with bp's 200's/110's. Was discharged on meds, weaned off after 3 months.

Went back on meds 6 months later when bp's shot back up---have been hypertensive ever since.

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Re : How long did your BP stay elevated?

Postby thirdtimesthecharm » Wed May 31, 638930 5:52 am

After delivery my BP was normal (even low) for about 5 days. No meds or anything. I went home and my pressures shot up to even higher than they were before delivery. I went back on the meds and my pressure stayed high for about two weeks. Then they slowly dropped, I weaned off the meds again, and I still got occasional spikes that would neccessitate me taking a dose of labetalol and taking it easy for a couple of hours.

Now I have regular blood pressure 99% of the time with no meds. So, 10 weeks for me.

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How long did your BP stay elevated?

Postby beth0277 » Wed May 31, 638930 12:23 am

Just curious how long everyone's BP stayed elevated after delivery? I am 7 weeks out and am starting to wean off of my labetalol but notice that I will have a few good days and then maybe one or two high readings. Did this happen to anyone? I have never had BP issues before and got my pre-e postpartum.

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