Good and Bad, but SHE is here!

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Re : Good and Bad, but SHE is here!

Postby brandi101 » Thu Jan 12, 638930 10:57 am


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Re : Good and Bad, but SHE is here!

Postby montgjules » Thu Jan 12, 638930 9:12 am

brandi, what a crazy crazy ride!! So glad you're home and delivered and out of the worst of pregnancy. And I hope that baby girl is home with you soon, snuggling and giving you lots of love! I'll be thinking about you!

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Re : Good and Bad, but SHE is here!

Postby jend01 » Wed Jan 11, 638930 1:55 pm

Wow, what a scary story. I'm glad that you are home and doing better, and yourlittle girl will be in my prayers :)

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Re : Good and Bad, but SHE is here!

Postby alexa5 » Wed Jan 11, 638930 11:15 am

I am so glad that baby is out of you! I hope she does better soon.... Congrats! I hope your body settles down soon as well. You have been put through the ringer for sure. Though I had a long period of time between start of induction and delivery, I was fortunate to have the epidural which helped a ton...I can't imagine how miserable it would have been without it!

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Re : Good and Bad, but SHE is here!

Postby sarab » Tue Jan 10, 638930 11:48 am

Oh WOW Brandi, what a story! I'm sorry that things were so rough for you, especially the seizures postpartum. My thoughts immediately went to eclampsia; how bizarre it was your meds instead. What a relief that you are doing ok now.

Congrats on your little GIRL surprise! I'm sorry to hear she is in NICU and having a hard time. I hope she recovers quickly and is home with you soon. You and little Kendra will be in my thoughts.

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Re : Good and Bad, but SHE is here!

Postby anonpreemiemom » Sun Jan 01, 638930 2:58 pm

Congrats and prayers as well for quick healing for you both!!!

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Re : Good and Bad, but SHE is here!

Postby pennyg » Sun Jan 01, 638930 2:33 pm

Congrats on Kendras arrival. Sounds like you both have been thru quite the traumatic adventure together. Praying for quick healing.

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Re : Good and Bad, but SHE is here!

Postby jmom08 » Sun Jan 01, 638930 5:52 am

Thoughts and prayers for you!! I hope everyone gets to come home very soon!

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Re : Good and Bad, but SHE is here!

Postby brandib » Sun Jan 01, 638930 3:49 am

Thanx all.

Katnzt---My profile pic right now is me and my husband standing in front of our flowers in the front of our house.
Kendra is still on the vent 100% oxygen. Repeat echo tomorrow to see how the PPHN is doing. She is also under the billi lites now. They started her on fat too since she can't eat or even have a feeding tube yet.

I am doing alright. I haven't had any "episodes" for myself. I was in the ER today which was just aggrivating. Kidney stones and some bowel issues, but I'm okay :0) BP went up kinda high but I was in a lot of pain. ( 145/111)

Laura-----Even though keeping me longer might have been a little better lol, I was SOOOO glad to get out of there!!! I wasn't put on the mag because they ruled out eclampsia. It just appeared to be that at first. It was all my sympathetic nervous system going nuts from quitting the beta blocker cold turkey, especially at 1200mg a day. At least thats what I was told. I'm doing much better.

I'll let you all know any updates on Kendra. I'm SOOOO glad to NOT be pregnant anymore and never again :0) I'm VERY blessed to have my three beautiful children.
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Re : Good and Bad, but SHE is here!

Postby bernadic » Sat Dec 31, 638929 10:13 pm

Congrats on the baby. Hang in there and stay positive. Sending prayers your way.

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