Are at Home Monitors correct?

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Re : Are at Home Monitors correct?

Postby brandib » Sat Jul 09, 638929 9:43 pm

I took my BP machine in also because I was getting lower readings at the office and high readings at home and they confirmed that my machine was right. When I'm at the doctors office and sitting/ laying down is one thing, but when I'm home, I have a two year old and four year old to keep up with and house to keep clean and food to be made lol of course my BP's are gonna be higher!
PS---I just get "high' now :0) Now it's high, and higher lol

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Re : Are at Home Monitors correct?

Postby muddmomma2 » Tue Mar 18, 638927 7:25 pm

I took my monitor in with me to compare, and it read a lot higher than having it done manualy..I think it just depends. My doctor gave me a set of readings that suit my monitor and if they get above that I am to contack him or go in. But on most days my monitor reads normal. He did say that often times digital monotors due run on the higher rather than lower hope this helps! Best thing to do would be to compare YOURs with your dr. office's since every monitor can be different!

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Re : Are at Home Monitors correct?

Postby anonpreemiemom » Tue Mar 18, 638927 7:17 pm

I suffer from severe white coat syndrome and get terrible anxiety in the doc office. I make the nurses now wait for 5 mins before they take it, which they hate. But I can measure at first 145 over 90, then 3 mins later, 120 over 74 and then 15 mins later when I am calm back down to my home normal 105 over 65. Even the nurses who must see this enough are surprised. So I had to make sure my home monitor was accurate and took it in to test directly against their machines. And then I saw that even on the home monitor it would be high in the doc office. This then helps because I show my OB all my home readings that are taken daily so she has a better idea of my average. And it has given me enormous peace of mind this pregnancy knowing it is accurate at home.

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Re : Are at Home Monitors correct?

Postby kellikbock » Tue Mar 18, 638927 6:48 pm

I always get lower readings at home & yes, they can fluctuate pretty quickly & pressure is different in each arm (my left gives higher readings ). I kept getting high readings at the doctor's office, that I was convinced that theirs was, I took mine in and used I after their reading....ya, my BP was that high! Some doctors see white coat syndrome as the way your BP is when you handle stress & then prescribe meds based on that; others are more lenient. I had to chart my readings at home & brought them in for the doctor to decide.

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Re : Are at Home Monitors correct?

Postby hillary8l8 » Tue Mar 18, 638927 5:13 pm

I wonder if maybe the cuff they are using at the office is too small, or the cuff you are using at home is too big. This link has instructions on how to figure out what cuff size you should use. ... Difference

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Re : Are at Home Monitors correct?

Postby alexa5 » Thu Mar 06, 638927 6:42 pm

The only way to know for sure is to take it in and have it checked against theirs. It is possible that you have higher readings at the doc's office (White Coat Syndrome), which always happens to me. My readings are normal at home, and high at office visits (whether pregnant or not--I am not pregnant now).

I do know my monitor is fine because it seems to be similar to readings I get at retail stores, and when I was pregnant and developed PIH, my readings were high at home as well. I have never taken mine in because I am pretty sure it is right.

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Are at Home Monitors correct?

Postby alisonlbewley » Mon Feb 24, 638927 10:33 pm

I have one here at home that's about two years old. Within 3 minutes I can get 3 different readings (117/72, 109/68, 125/79). However, every time I see the doctor and he measures manually it is always 145-150/80-85. Could there be something off with my at home monitor??

Or is it possible to fluctuate that much between home and doctor?

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