Does Exercise Help with P.E or make it Worse?

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Re : Does Exercise Help with P.E or make it Worse?

Postby caryn » Sun Feb 23, 638927 4:15 pm

Pressures that high before 20 weeks almost certainly mean that you're a chronic hypertensive. The idea is that the strain of pregnancy on the body -- particularly the hosting of a foreign organ, the placenta -- unmasks your genetic tendency to develop chronic hypertension. Chronics have about a 25% chance of progressing to a form of superimposed preeclampsia.

Here's a link to what our Experts have said about exercise after diagnosis. Since you don't have a diagnosis, in your shoes I'd want to ask my doc.

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Re : Does Exercise Help with P.E or make it Worse?

Postby amandaoasis » Sun Feb 23, 638927 12:24 pm

Yes, those numbers are concerning this early, especially if your normal ones are much lower. My non-medical professional thoughts are that they are diagnostic for preeclampsia IF there is at least 300 mg of protein in a 24 hour collection. How have your dips been? In your shoes I would insist on a 24 hour collection.

Don't be afraid to advocate for yourself. If your doctor won't take you seriously, find one who will.

Good luck and keep us updated.

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Re : Does Exercise Help with P.E or make it Worse?

Postby montgjules » Sun Feb 23, 638927 12:22 pm

My OB told me that exercise stimulates hormones, which increases blood pressure. So all forms of exercise have been forbidden while I've been on bed rest.

Those BPs would probably get you classified (though I really don't know.. just a guess) as a chronic hypertensive which puts you in a higher risk category but doesn't necessarily mean you need to panic quite yet. Just my uninformed and uneducated guess. :)

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Re : Does Exercise Help with P.E or make it Worse?

Postby thirdtimesthecharm » Sat Feb 22, 638927 5:10 pm

I would ask your doc at your next appt about your numbers. What are your normal pre-pregnancy blood pressures?

As far as excercise goes... I couldn't even sit up without popping 140s-150s/90s-100s so excercise was out of the question! Heck, sitting in a chair for two hours at a birthday party left me with 150/100 BP and that was with 400mg of labetalol a day. I don't even want to know what kind of BPs I would've had if I had gone out jogging!

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Does Exercise Help with P.E or make it Worse?

Postby alisonlbewley » Sat Feb 22, 638927 6:34 am

My blood pressure readings at my last two appointments has been 150/80 and 145/85. My doctor didn't even mention it to me and the nurse told me when I asked if everything seemed okay.

I guess he's not concerned then. I am 20 weeks today so maybe because I'm early he didn't seem too bothered. My doctor doesn't give any medical advice and brushes all of my concerns off with "well you're pregnant!" whether it be a question about headaches, what I can eat, if I can pick up my toddler ect.. so obviously I don't feel he's too competent.

Anyhow, since he won't answer my questions I was hoping someone here might be able to.

1) Are these BP numbers worrisome (150/80 & 145/85) if received at 15 and 19 weeks?

2) Does exercise help or hurt when you're receiving high BP readings?

Sorry for all of the questions I'm just really curious and want to be as careful as possible so all of your answers help me more than you could know!

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