Are there warning signs?

This section is for discussions with other women who have probably been through the same signs/symptoms that you may be experiencing. Please note, we cannot offer medical advice and encourage members to discuss their concerns with their doctors. New members, come on in and introduce yourself!
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Re : Are there warning signs?

Postby atvlady » Thu Mar 06, 638927 10:56 am

I had all the signs and symptopms weeks before I went full blown. My drs did nothing. Wasn't until I got to a much larger hospital did they diagnose me correctly. I almost died and I can't believe there is drs out there practicing and doesn't know the signs or symptoms.

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Re : Are there warning signs?

Postby cmuise » Sun Feb 23, 638927 9:43 am

From the beginning of my pregnancy I had gained weight quite quickly, which I didn't think much of because it was my first pregnancy and I didn't know what was normal. I learned later that that was a warning sign. I also had a stabbing pain under my right rib cage early on that the doctor thought was my gall bladder. I did my own research later (just through the internet, not by doctors so it may not be correct) and found out that that can also be a warning sign. Later on in my pregnancy I started swelling quite significantly (happened quite fast)all over my body, a few days before my doctors appointment, where they found that I had very high blood pressure and protein in my urine (which is a sign that the blood pressure has already started to affect your kidneys I was told). I was sent straight to the hospital from the doctors office and stayed there a few days before being tranferred to another (MUCH better) hospital about 2 hours from home. About 15 days later my daughter was born by emergency c section. I went home about 5 days later, but I was still struggling with high blood pressure and ended up having to go back into the hospital for a couple days (I was already on 12 pills a day to try to keep it under control and it still went to 184/128). They were going to give me the same medicine they give people who come in having a heart attack, but thankfully they got it under control before they had to! Just listen to your body, if you feel something isnt right ask your doctor. The sooner they catch it the better the chances everything will be okay. :) best of luck to you!

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Re : Are there warning signs?

Postby milesymommy » Sun Feb 23, 638927 6:40 am

With DS1, I knew from the doctors appointments my BP was creeping up and I was on the way to PE. At 34 week midwife appt, it was so high they sent me to L&D for observation, but labs were fine, and I was sent home. At 36 weeks appt, again, BP high, sent to L&D. This time blood tests showed elevated liver enzymes and such. I honestly don't remember much, except I was immediately put on mag and induced.
I had no symptoms; I was tired, but nothing I thought out of the ordinary for being pregnant, and swollen, but again, not that bad and not unusual for being pregnant. No headache, no side pain, nothing.
With DS2 I was worried the entire time since I didn't display symptoms with DS1. I was seen frequently - from 30-36 weeks, I was seen once a week, and the last 3 weeks I was seen twice a week for NSTs and once a week at the OB.
I was mad when I was pregnant with DS2 and realized just how sick I was with DS1 and how bad things could have been. My midwife with DS1 acted like PE was a perfectly normal pregnancy complication and nothing to be concerned about. I can't beleive I was just sent home at 34 weeks with nothing more than "call if you have a really bad headache and see you in 2 weeks." I didn't even get put on bedrest. So much could have gone wrong. I am so thankful Miles (DS1) ended up being healthy. I was very proactive with my care with DS2, and fortunately, only developed PIH.

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Re : Are there warning signs?

Postby alexa5 » Sun Feb 23, 638927 4:52 am

I guess mine just kind of hit suddenly (in a way). I did have PIH at 28 weeks, but felt okay--didn't feel like my pressures were high. Then right at the beginning of my 33rd week, during sleep one night I had a really uncomfortable back and stomach pain. I don't think it was the URQ pain that people talk about--it was just kind of a weird thing that felt like I would have guessed early labor pains would feel like. So, I called the on call doc, and then decided to go to L&D. And I wasn't in labor or contracting, but I suddenly had protein in my urine for the first time. So based on my pressures, protein, and labs not going the direction they liked they sent me to a NICU hospital to induce.

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Re : Are there warning signs?

Postby sam10 » Wed Feb 12, 638927 9:23 pm

At around 20 weeks I started feeling ill and had swelling in my hands, face and feet. I thought this just pregnancy related. At my 20 week check-up, everything seemed still fine. At my 24 week check-up I was admitted to the hospital. In retrospect, I know that this feeling of being ill was a first sign, I just did not know it.

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Re : Are there warning signs?

Postby love_the_daschies » Wed Feb 12, 638927 6:40 pm

In my first (and most severe) experience with PE - I felt great. My BP had been steadily creeping up for a few weeks until it hit 160/100 at 20 weeks and then jumped to 200/120 at 21 weeks. But I felt great besides the BP. I was working lots of 24 hour shifts and had tons of energy. One night 2 days before I was admitted I was doing a 24 hour shift and had the thought I should go down to L& D because something was not right. But I couldn't put a finger on it and I just chalked it up to exhaustion. The next night I was home and suddenly it looked like my vision was all cloudy and gray. I knew things were bad at this point and was actually admitted to L&D the next day. In this case I was delivered at 22 weeks.

In my second pregnancy, I was diagnostic at 31 weeks and bed rest really helped keep my BP down. I felt o.k. at this point, but started to feel flu-ish and exhausted at around 34 weeks A few days after that my protein jumped and my BP jumped as well. I was able to hang on for another 2.5 weeks before spontaeously going into labor. So PE didn;t necessitate delivery.

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Re : Are there warning signs?

Postby lilillini » Wed Feb 12, 638927 4:13 pm

With my first, I had no idea that my BP was going up. Even when I was hospitalized, I felt fine, or at least fine for me (I had severe morning sickness for the duration of my pregnancy). I didn't realize how swollen I was, and even with my BP at 170/100 when I was sent to the hospital, felt fairly normal. I delivered 2 days later with 6g of protein in my urine and BPs of 190s/110s, but normal labs and no headaches or anything but edema. If I hadn't had regular OB appointments, I'm sure my baby and I would have died, because I had no indication that anything was out of the ordinary.

With my second, I was hyperaware of all my symptoms, and when at 28.5 weeks, my BP suddenly jumped from 110s/70s to 130s/80s and I simultaneously developed a severe headache and visual disturbances, I knew where it was heading. I felt awful. I made it 5 more weeks until delivery, but I still have a headache and floaters a year later, that haven't subsided for even a moment though my BP is back to normal!

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Re : Are there warning signs?

Postby montgjules » Wed Feb 12, 638927 3:56 pm

I thought everyone was just making a big ado about nothing. I had no idea that I was really sick and just thought any symptoms I had were normal pregnancy things. I didn't see it coming at all and was in total shock when the doctor told me I was going to deliver right away because of my blood test results.

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Re : Are there warning signs?

Postby thirdtimesthecharm » Wed Feb 12, 638927 3:15 pm

I had been feeling run down and tired. It was over the holidays and I would go and have dinner and hang out with family and end up with a raging headache and just be flat out exhausted and hungover feeling (nausea, headache, tired) the next day or two. I chalked most of it up to pregnancy until the day I woke up and couldn't even walk.

I was dizzy to the point that I had to hold on to the walls, vomiting, raging headache, and had floaters in my vision. I called my OB and they wanted me to go to my PCP to rule out an ear infection. I ended up in the ER with blood pressures of 198/112.

I got diagnosed with an inner ear infection at the hospital. No labwork done, nothing. Luckily I realized that the alarm going off every time the machine took my blood pressure and the nurse being horrified at the thought of me going home while my BP was still 165/100 (two hours of laying down in the ER exam room at that point) were both indicators that maybe something else was going on. I googled and found this board and went in to my OB the next day, had pressures of 170/110, went to L&D for the afternoon, and ended up being given a PIH diagnosis.

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Re : Are there warning signs?

Postby naomihope427 » Wed Feb 12, 638927 10:34 am

For me, I had a "feeling" for awhile, something just wasn't right. I couldn't quite pinpoint it either.

I started having swelling and quite swollen ankles/feet, arms/fingers, and in my face. I knew was just not normal. Told my ob and she claimed it was.

At 28 week checkup, there was 2+ g protein found in my urine and that day (april 24 2009) was when I was admitted for severe preeclampsia. Mine came on all so very fast & hit me hard.

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