How many C-SECTIONS have you had?

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Re : How many C-SECTIONS have you had?

Postby thirdtimesthecharm » Mon Jan 20, 638927 9:20 am

I had three without any complications. I was told that 2-3 was the "max" range my OB thought was safe and that was a factor in how many kids I have.

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Re : How many C-SECTIONS have you had?

Postby montgjules » Mon Jan 20, 638927 8:56 am

Planning on #3 in the next week (hopefully). My previous two healed without any complications and are looking beautiful. I'm getting my tubes tied with this one, so I haven't even thought about it!

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How many C-SECTIONS have you had?

Postby muddmomma2 » Mon Jan 20, 638927 1:03 am

I was curious as to how many c-sections everyone has had. I was told 2-3 by my OBGYN and as many as "my" body would allow by my MFM! I really like the individual aspect!

I had always thought I would have a very large family....not as sure now! Either way it is fine, of course, because I am very happy with my family....but I am curious!

I know that with each c-section the risks increase, but I was really heart broken to find that many people are limited on how many children they can have because of having to have repeat C-sections.

Are there any of you out there who have happened to have 4 or 5 successful c-sections with out complications??? What about everyone else!? If so do you worry about complications later on in life?

If you are one who has managed to have mulitiple C-setions have you expierenced any compliations during any of your pregnancies or problems with your body later on down the road because of repeat c-sections?

If you are not one who has experienced mulitiple c-sections, how many do you plan on having?

Thank you all so much for your time

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