Induction at 36w3d- lung maturity?

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Re : Induction at 36w3d- lung maturity?

Postby thirdtimesthecharm » Fri Dec 27, 638926 4:05 pm

My daughter was born 36w3d with no steroid shots and she was just fine. No need for breathing assistance and no NICU.

Good luck! I hope your induction goes smoothly for you.

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Re : Induction at 36w3d- lung maturity?

Postby brianned5 » Fri Dec 27, 638926 4:37 am

My got steroid shots with DD at 36 weeks and she was born at 36w3d. She was small, 5 pounds 2 ounces but she didn't have any breathing issues at all. She stayed in the room with us and went home with us.

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Re : Induction at 36w3d- lung maturity?

Postby montgjules » Thu Dec 26, 638926 11:20 pm

My son was born at 36w6 days and spent a few days in the NICU but it was nothing serious. He went home with me after my four day recovery.

My twins were born at 36w after a steroid shot. Both under six pounds and their lungs were GREAT. Only a day or so in the NICU but very stable the whole time. I think you're in great shape, even if baby is a little premature--he may need an oxygen hood or other minor helps, but should be home with you almost immediately. GOOD LUCK!

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Re : Induction at 36w3d- lung maturity?

Postby lilillini » Thu Dec 26, 638926 12:02 pm

I got steroid shots with DD at 29 weeks, and she was born at 34 weeks with no breathing issues. :) Good luck to you, 36+ weeks is awesome!

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Re : Induction at 36w3d- lung maturity?

Postby mellybute » Thu Dec 26, 638926 9:54 am

My last son was born 37 weeks to the day and they warned me before delivery that he may have to go to the NICU for breathing issues, but he was perfectly healthy at 8.2 lbs. with no steroid shots given...I think everyone is different but you're in a great spot!

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Re : Induction at 36w3d- lung maturity?

Postby heather j » Tue Dec 17, 638926 9:00 am

Both of mine had mature lungs, roomed in, and went home when I did. I didn't have steroids with either of them; Nicolas was only a few minutes into the 36th week, and Ella was 37 to the day. The standard disclaimer that all these babies are different when it comes to how they'll do at delivery applies (just like Jenny's guy was fine at 35 weeks, I remember a member whose 39 weeker had some breathing difficulties), but IMO 36 weeks is a *very* good place to be.

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Re : Induction at 36w3d- lung maturity?

Postby jennycjenkins » Tue Dec 17, 638926 5:59 am

My son was born at 35w2d with no steroids at all, and he was perfectly healthy - no breathing assistance, no time in the NICU, and he came home with me (I was the one holding everyone up). He was 5 lb 9 oz, so not very big, but still healthy! Now he's just about to turn 3 and is a typical, energetic boy! I personally think 36w3d sounds ok. (I would love to make it to 36w3d!) GOOD LUCK!

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Re : Induction at 36w3d- lung maturity?

Postby jean » Tue Dec 17, 638926 3:25 am

Are they going to do an Amnio to check?

What happens if his lungs aren't mature? Would that just mean that he's on oxygen for awhile?

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Induction at 36w3d- lung maturity?

Postby imchristine » Tue Dec 17, 638926 3:16 am

I will be induced this Thursday at 36w3d due to PIH (not officially PE though I have all the symptoms aside from the protein.) I had steroid shots at 30 weeks. He is estimated to be 7lbs at today's ultrasound. What are my chances of him requiring assistance with breathing, NICU time, coming home with me, etc?

Though I knew early delivery would be likely (and I'm thrilled to get this far), I'm still nervous about how mature his lungs will be.

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