I'm new---On salt restriction...help!!

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Re : I'm new---On salt restriction...help!!

Postby thirdtimesthecharm » Thu Oct 31, 638926 9:15 am

I don't know.

My OB told me to salt to taste and avoid fast food junk but to NOT cut out salt during pregnancy.

I would follow the advice of your doctor though...

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I'm new---On salt restriction...help!!

Postby muddmomma2 » Thu Oct 31, 638926 5:53 am

Hi, I am new to the site! LOVE it though! My back ground...I was diagnoised with sever Pre-e at 29 weeks + 1 day and delivered at 29 weeks +3 days! It was a very sudden onset, mainly because I wasn't aware of the symptoms at the time (but you can believe I am now!) My son is now 2 and wonderfully healthy! He has done great, despite his permaturity! We are now pregnant for the second time! I am currently 27 weeks today--yay! :) My blood pressure statred to elevate a little around 22 1/2 weeks :( 130/85ish maybe slightly higher. I was told to rest as much as possible and NO salt, so I have cut out salt almost completely. I eat foods that are soduim free or at least very low. I have taken this very seriously---I have even limited all foods with sodium including milk, and breads because they sodium...but I take a calcium supplement and try to eat grains in other ways...I am still eating very healthy...lots off fresh or frozen fruits and veggies...and everything prepared wiht NO salt---this HAS been working really well for me! My blood pressure has been wonderful since I have been resting and eating No salt--or at least a very little---it has been almost 5 weeks :) I have had ONE bp spike since...but I had been up doing a little more than I had been and ate a little more salt than I had been!

My question is has anyone also been on a salt restricted deit while pregnant and done okay...I have read SO MANY post saying salt restriction during pregnancy is horrible! I am a little worried that it could cause me problems, but so far it has seemed to be working great! Both my regualr OB and MFM recommended I do this!

I forgot to mention that I also had trace amounts of protien showing at 22 weeks, but since resting and No salt...I have NONE showing!

I would really love to hear from someone who HAS had a good experience from a similiar situation with no salt and had no other problems as a result! Thank you all in advance!

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