Update, my baby is here

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Re : Update, my baby is here

Postby sam10 » Fri Aug 09, 638926 12:12 pm

Welcome bay Gavin! Glad to hear you are both healthy.

I was shaking too during my c-section, but I was told that it was the anesthesia.

Your birth experience sounds really traumatic!

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Re : Update, my baby is here

Postby rebecca2 » Fri Aug 09, 638926 11:40 am

Sounds very scary, but I'm glad you and Gavin are both ok. Congratulations!

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Re : Update, my baby is here

Postby sonja » Wed Jul 31, 638926 12:25 pm


My mom felt them cutting into her when I was born and I get to hear about it all of the time - it will be a story to share often!

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Re : Update, my baby is here

Postby caryn » Wed Jul 31, 638926 9:31 am

Welcome Earthside, Gavin!

What a scary ride you had. I'm glad to hear everything went well, in the end. How's your blood pressure?

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Re : Update, my baby is here

Postby amandaoasis » Wed Jul 31, 638926 9:05 am

What a scary experience. I'm so happy to hear that everything has turned out well and that baby Gavin is home and happy.

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Re : Update, my baby is here

Postby trish » Wed Jul 31, 638926 8:05 am

How scary!! So glad to hear you and baby and doing well now! Congrats!!!

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Re : Update, my baby is here

Postby l412angel » Wed Jul 31, 638926 8:05 am

Im sorry you had to experience a scare! I can't imagine! Im so glad he is home healthy!

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Update, my baby is here

Postby ashesashie » Wed Jul 31, 638926 6:50 am

After 13 weeks of bedrest I was induced on March 29th at 37 weeks. They started with pitocin because I was already 3 cm dilated. They broke my water. I managed to avoid mag, as my blood pressure cooperated. The baby's heartrate started to drop with contractions so they started an amniofusion (liquid flushed through the uterus) however the liquid wasn't draining back out so the nurse pushed the baby up to drain it. After she did that my baby's heart stopped. (I found out later that the cord was draped over his shoulders and when he stopped floating from the liquid, his shoulders pressed down on the cord). The nurses scrambled, giving me oxygen, inserting a heart monitor on his head, changing my position over and over until his heart started beating again. After it resumed it was beating very fast. I was absolutely terrified as all this happened. I asked them if I could just have a c-section so he would be ok, and the nurse laughed. She said "Honey, you just got yourself a c-section" I was rushed into the operating room, and at this point I was so scared I couldn't control my shaking, They gave me more epidural and started cutting. Then after a few minutes, I could feel them cutting. I started saying OW OW, and the doctor said "It is just your muscles contracting" but I continued to say OW. She told the anesthesiologist to give me something and I was unconscious for the rest of the surgery. I woke up 2 hours after my baby boy was born. He was on oxygen for the night because he was breathing too fast, but otherwise perfect. We are home now and he is a beautiful, healthy, happy baby. All of the problems and terrifying experiences were completely worth it. I am so very lucky to have my baby boy.

Gavin Lee 3-29-10 (37 weeks) 7pounds 1/2 ounce

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