bp laying down, bp sitting up

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Re : bp laying down, bp sitting up

Postby katznkt » Mon Jan 17, 638924 4:38 pm

I second Ilovesweetpea. My doctor had me on bed rest and my bp did the same thing. Over about a month my bp was higher even on bed rest and spiking higher. So it might get worse, but my doctor wasn't really concerned as long as I would come down to something safe. After a month of bed rest it wasn't coming down to anything under 140/90 and was mostly 150-160/100 and that was when he chose to induce me, but it was also at 37 weeks so it worked.

Bed rest with toddlers is a joke. Talk to your husband- maybe reinforcing the idea of how important bed rest is will help. If not, well finally I had to get a big play pen and set it up for my daughter in the living room. I would lay flat on the couch on my left side and she would play with her dolls in her pen. She couldn't get into any trouble that way. I kept snacks and water nearby so I didn't have to get up alot. It wasn't perfect, but it was better than having to chase her around or watch her destroy things.

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Re : bp laying down, bp sitting up

Postby Guest » Mon Jan 17, 638924 2:48 am

Above all, I think these numbers need to be discussed with your doctor. I will say, though, that my bp shoots through the roof with very little exertion... oftentimes in the 180/120 range. But with rest it is 140/90 and often lower. My doctor said she wasn't at all worried about spike, or readings after activities. She was worried if they came down with rest or not. As long as the bp came down with rest, there was no need for me to worry or even report my higher readings. I am also a chronic hypertensive so my readings are "allowed" to be higher than most. And my doctors are super laid back, so take that with a grain of salt.

I have also found that when I am on bedrest my bp shoots up much more readily when I have minor exertion. I think it gets used to resting and any effort is responded to with a big jump in bp. I'm not on bedrest right now, but I noticed a much more severe form of this phenomenon last pregnancy when I was on bedrest for almost 10 weeks. Oh, and I might have been one of the "lucky ones" but my bp never went up and stayed up. It just swung around based on activity. (Postpartum is stayed elevated when I developed HELLP, but that's another story.)

I hope you get good results from your 24-hour. Are you keeping track of your intake? You doctor may be interested to know if there is a huge disparity between how much you are drinking versus how much you are peeing.

I'm sorry your husband isn't being as supportive as you'd hope. Men don't always handle toddlers as well as us mothers can and they sometimes get more easily exasperated with them. Maybe you can have a frank discussion with your doctor about the bedrest situation at home. If it is next to impossible for you to get bedrest, but your doctor sees it as vital to your pregnancy, he may want to do a hospital bedrest so that you can get the down time you need. Or, who knows, he may say that you can be up for a few hours in the afternoon to give your husband a break. But I think you should let your doctor know that strict bedrest is very difficult/impossible right now.

Good luck at the OB!

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Re : bp laying down, bp sitting up

Postby ashesashie » Sun Jan 16, 638924 8:57 pm

Your pressures sound just like mine have been for weeks now. I know according to all the smart ladies here generally it will eventually stay at that high number. I have been pretty diligent with staying on my side. I am 37 weeks (being induced tomorrow) and my bp has never stayed up. I hope you have the same luck as me!!

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bp laying down, bp sitting up

Postby twinstwiceover » Sun Jan 16, 638924 3:49 pm

oh dear - if i take my bp sitting up, after very little exertion (walking across the house, for example, maybe picking up a couple things) my bp goes to 150, 160/100 or 105. If I take it laying down, it goes down to something much more reasonable - 115/75, 120/80.

How dangerous are these swings in blood pressure for the babies? I also wonder in the back of my head how long it will be before my bp goes up and just stays up.

Believe me I am *trying* to stay down as much as possible - but it is hard right now with the two toddlers and a husband who is kind of not being the most supportive at the moment. I am not able to be quite as observant about "strict" bedrest as I was last time.

I am doing a 24 hr urine today (output seems to be..very little compared to usual) and see the OB tomorrow...

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