Baby Adam?

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Re : Baby Adam?

Postby caryn » Mon Dec 13, 638923 8:11 am

It's good to hear from you!

Postpartum sometimes we get worse before we get better -- did they discharge you on bp meds? Sometimes they'll give chronics who are retaining a lot of fluid a shot or two of Lasix after delivery, to try to mobilize the fluid so pressures can begin to drop, so that might be worth asking about on Monday.

Adam sounds like quite a fighter. :)

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Re : Baby Adam?

Postby mellybute » Sun Dec 12, 638923 7:28 pm

Oh, I am so glad to see your update! What a fighter little Adam is! I can't believe everything you are dealing with right now. But please now you have a lot of people praying for you and your children. My bp did not skyrocket until post partum also, about 5 days or so. I have been on bp meds ever since and it has been 7 months now. I know with everything you have going on it is hard, but please take care of yourself also. You may need to be on meds for awhile if you're not right now. I had never been on any in my life, but I am now. It does happen.

I will continue to pray for your precious family. Hang in there as best you can and know we are thinking about you. BIG BIG HUGS

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Re : Baby Adam?

Postby patty » Sun Dec 12, 638923 7:47 am

Thanks for the update. I am so glad Adam is hanging in there and I know how hard that is to not be able to hold him yet ((hugs)). Take it easy on yourself with all the running with your other child's surgery and recovering from your own c-section you must be exhausted. I am praying for you!

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Re : Baby Adam?

Postby milesymommy » Sun Dec 12, 638923 7:25 am

Thanks for the update! I am so happy that Adam is getting stronger every day. I know it is painfully slow, and it tests your faith, but God is with you and your family, every step of the way. I know it breaks your heart to see him there with so many tubes, and in so much pain.
((HUGS)). Someday soon you'll hear him cry for real, and you'll hold him in your hands. He won't remember any of these painful days in the NICU.

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Re : Baby Adam?

Postby katznkt » Thu Dec 02, 638923 8:27 am

Thanks for the update! Adam has been in my prayers every night. I will include Ryan now to. Have faith and keep strong. Remember that God never tests us more than we can stand. He must know how strong you really are. I also pray your blood pressure shoots back down.

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Re : Baby Adam?

Postby rebecca2 » Thu Dec 02, 638923 3:13 am

Thank you for updating us. I was wondering how Adam was doing. Glad to hear he is a fighter! He will remain in my prayers!

Your PP BP's sound very similar to mine. Prior to delivery mine averaged 140/90 with an occasional swings from 130/70-150/100. However, after delivery and for several weeks there after, my BP was 150-160/100-110 and that was with Labetalol. (I didn't start Labetalol until after delivery.) I know my OB said BP associated with PE isn't really affected by stress, but I have to think in situations where babies are in NICU it has to have some impact.

Glad to hear Ryan is home and doing well, too!

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Re : Baby Adam?

Postby sam10 » Thu Dec 02, 638923 12:28 am

I shared Adam's story with my husband and today he asked me about how he was doing. So glad to hear that he is still defying the odds.

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Re : Baby Adam?

Postby l412angel » Thu Dec 02, 638923 12:07 am

YAY ADAM! Keep on fightin baby boy!

Ok so my BP's were real high about 2 weeks PP (on meds)...they remained a bit higher 6 weeks PP until I was taken off meds. Are you on meds? Either way keep us posted.

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Re : Baby Adam?

Postby Guest » Wed Dec 01, 638923 10:30 pm

Thank you so much for updating us! You and Adam have been in my prayers every day. I can't believe your poor kiddo had an appendix rupture in the middle of all of this. Having two sons in the hospital at once must've been so emotionally exhausting. How much worry can a mother handle??? Well, it sounds like you are handling everything just beautifully. Your faith will feel tested, I am sure. The uncertainly and fear for your beautiful little baby could shake anyone's faith to the core. It's OK. God is with you and Adam through all your fears, doubts, anger, and downright outrage. Please don't be hard on yourself or feel like as a woman of faith you are supposed to respond to this situation in some prescribed way. You're not. Just take things a day at a time.

Adam is a fighter! He has wonderful doctors looking after him, and a mother whose love I know he can feel. I know your heart must just ache wanting to pick him up... and I hope you get that chance very soon.

I hope your BP resolves soon. I can't imagine the stress of what you are going through right now is helping much in that department. I hope you have a good visit with the cardiologist on monday and you feel like you get some answers on what is going on with your bp.

Thanks again for the update!

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Re : Baby Adam?

Postby thirdtimesthecharm » Wed Dec 01, 638923 7:44 pm

Many prayers for you and Adam! If it helps any my BPs also skyrocketed after delivery. They were good for two days but went into the 160s/100s consistently with meds and while resting. They just started heading back down with some good dips into the 110s/80s today. (((hugs)))

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