Abdominal Growth Slowed? ** Updated with answers**

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Re : Abdominal Growth Slowed? ** Updated with answers**

Postby brandi101 » Tue Jul 27, 638923 9:34 am

i dont have any experience with this myself and i hope that everything is ok and its just an error u and the baby r in my thoughts and prayers

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Re : Abdominal Growth Slowed? ** Updated with answers**

Postby ladybug76135 » Tue Jul 27, 638923 8:53 am

Sounds like a good plan. Do you do any crafts? Would be a good time to get caught up on those if so.

Congrats on getting this far! Keep us posted.

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Re : Abdominal Growth Slowed? ** Updated with answers**

Postby sam10 » Thu Jul 15, 638923 10:33 pm

I stopped trying to explain everything to my family, it was too complicated. Managing family and friends in such situations can become its own stress factor! One needs to develop strategies. Napping is a good one!

Glad you have come so far and are still hanging in there!

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Re : Abdominal Growth Slowed? ** Updated with answers**

Postby l412angel » Thu Jul 15, 638923 7:20 pm

Your so funny Jamie :) I love how your so realistic and calm (or at least seem calm to me) Im so excited you are so far along!!!!!!

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Re : Abdominal Growth Slowed? ** Updated with answers**

Postby love_the_daschies » Thu Jul 15, 638923 2:02 am

thanks for the similar experiences! Yep, we had the one growth scan at 32 weeks then this one was 34 weeks that showed no abdominal growth. If no abdominal growth is seen at 36 weeks - we will most likely delivery at that point. Absent flow was mentioned as an indication for delivery now as well. Then again it is so hard to talk to the family about this because they just don't understand that I am threatened with delivery for so many reasons at any point. I was given 5 different scenerios this morning that could require delivery between now and 37 weeks. I just tell people it is a waiting game and to CALM down! Then I nap......

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Re : Abdominal Growth Slowed? ** Updated with answers**

Postby annes » Wed Jul 14, 638923 11:35 pm

I had a growth slow down with Clover around 30 weeks, they did the growth scan again around 32 weeks, then 34 weeks. They told me that any growth scan done earlier than two weeks was not reliable for diagnostic purposes. As long as she was above the a certain percentile they let me keep going, when we hit 11% (10 % is IUGR) we scheduled the section and out she came. All 4 lbs of her! So you are already bigger than that! My MFM basically said it was an indicator that thing could be going wrong, and once she hit that IUGR level it was time to get her out. You are doing so well!!! Just a little bit longer! YAY!

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Re : Abdominal Growth Slowed? ** Updated with answers**

Postby amanda » Wed Jul 14, 638923 11:02 pm

I think this might help. I was diagnosed with severe IUGR at 29 weeks and made it until 33/5 on hospital bedrest. Like you I was monitored constantly during that time. One thing that my peri made mention of time and time again was that he wasn't all that concerned about lack of growth - he was going for gestational age - the longer in the best outcome (I know you know that though) and that they would push it as far as possible - his rational was that Anna Grace would always get bigger on the outside but that he couldn't replicate gestational age.

Since you are at such a great point the doctors probably throw all that out of the window and will deliver due to any stress at all - but then again, I am not a doctor. :)

I'm so happy to see you so far along - I hope you & and baby have a wonderful easy birth and recovery.

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Re : Abdominal Growth Slowed? ** Updated with answers**

Postby hols537 » Wed Jul 14, 638923 2:47 pm

As the babies get bigger, the measurements get more inaccurate (even with a great tech). At Jonathan's last growth scan (around 34 weeks) I was worried and the tech told me that an good tech could be up to a 1/2 lb off and an average tech could be up to a full lb. When Alexander's scan showed he was IUGR, they did not do anything different with our care (I was already on hospital bedrest), but once he started having other problems (fluid) and I got sicker, they delivered him. He's average size and healthy now! Hope the docs have been able to reassure you by now.

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Re : Abdominal Growth Slowed? ** Updated with answers**

Postby jules2 » Wed Jul 14, 638923 9:08 am

Hi Jamie,

It can be an indication that the placenta is beginning to struggle to meet his needs [or could just be measurement error]. I don't think on its own its an indicator for anything other than monitoring closely, as they are anyway. He is doing well on every other count and may just come out a bit skinny and very hungry!

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Re : Abdominal Growth Slowed? ** Updated with answers**

Postby hillary8l8 » Sun Jul 04, 638923 5:56 am

From what I have read there are two types of IUGR, symmetric and asymmetric. Asymmetric is when the head still grows, but at the expense of the body...so the other measurements fall behind. So maybe they are worried about the placenta and IUGR setting in....but hopefully it is just a technical error. And on a positive note I think they say that asymmetric is the better of the two because it doesn't affect the brain as much:)

Here is a link that explains it pretty good...but like I said..hopefully it was just a tech error!:)


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