Our 4th has arrived

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Re : Our 4th has arrived

Postby angelkat » Sun Jun 13, 2004 04:55 am

Congrats to you...

Glad Anastacia is doing well!! Here's to speedy growth and a hurry up home!!!

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Our 4th has arrived

Postby 3preemiekidz » Sun Jun 13, 2004 01:29 am

Well, we did it. Our 4th has arrived. Here is her birth story for anyone interested (short version).

Sunday morning I woke up and just didn't feel very good. BP was 165/110. I laid down for awhile and 20 minutes later my BP was 190/118 so off to the hospital I went. When I got there BP was 200/123. After 4 hours of IV meds and complete bedrest my blood pressure was still 170/110. After talking with the various Dr's there, they all agreed that I needed to have the baby. I was induced and after a very hard labor and quick delivery I had our 4th pre-eclampsia baby at 32 weeks 1 day. No sign of HELLP this time and everything has cleared up as soon as I delivered. Only trace protein and normal BP's.

date: 6/7/04
time: 2:17pm
weight: 4lb 9oz
length: 19 inches
name: Anastacia Knekole Lynne

Anastacia is in the NICU but is on room air and just feeding and growing. Hoping she'll come home sooner than my others.

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